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TFIL is a great YouTube channel ran by Elton Castee a name you may know of from way back when he was in the trap house with Sam and Colby along with a few others. 

After some differences Elton split away from the group to continue working on his own production network which is known as TFIL. On the YouTube channel they do a bunch of random videos ranging from going on water slides in a park overnight all the way down to paranormal and ghost hunting videos. It’s the ghost hunting videos that interest me and maybe 99 percent of the viewers. 

Since the creation of TFIL has been such a huge success the crew behind TFIL have since launched an additional channel known as the Overnight channel.

So with that quick history out of the way let’s take a look at some of the great content that the channel has produced for us the viewer absolutely free albeit the general YouTube ads. 

The channel has a very light-hearted feeling and I feel like the people are relatable, usually, the videos contain a group of friends following Elton to whatever destination he had planned out for the crew. Some of these destinations include Aokigahara aka the suicide forest, the Paris catacombs, The Stanley hotel and even some prank locations like the Blair witch forest. 

I have been following the channel for at least four years now and I have always found the locations and technique of high quality and its always getting better as they have added more and more professional ghost hunting equipment to their adventures.

With high-profile guests such as Exploring with Josh joining them in some videos for the TFIL and new Overnight channel, you can tell that they are making waves in the horror community. 

From abandoned insane asylums to opening dybbuk boxes this channel has you covered for all your ghost hunting needs, like I had stated previously the light-hearted approach has always been a selling point basically the host Elton does everything in his power to do anything that you are not supposed to do in accordance with rituals and tampering in general almost to the point that it becomes funny yet scary at times. 

If you want to watch a channel where it is 100 percent by the book with a scripted context of communication with the Dead or paranormal in general then this isn’t the channel for you.

 TFIL and Overnight offers you the exact high budget equipment of ghost hunting like seen on Taps and ghost hunters but it adds real everyday people to the equation where they are given k2 readers and rem pods, spirit boxes and ouija boards. The caveat is that they are scared to use the stuff and Elton breaks all the rules of using these devices. 

I really suggest that you check out a few of their videos they are good entertainment and offers an enjoyable viewing experience. 

I feel like at any point their videos could be considered found footage of ghost hunting and that’s great viewing.

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