What is Dawn of the Dead: Extended Mall Hours Cut

For years there has been a copy of Dawn of the Dead floating around that was created by fans for fans, this is called the Dawn of the Dead Extended Mall Hours Cut merging all possible clips from every version of the 1978 film into one massive version of the movie. By all rights this is the original definitive edition of the George Romero classic if you were lucky enough to get a copy of the mall hours cut then you were the champion of all dawn of the dead. The film takes footage from all three major versions of the film has found its way onto file-sharing sites under the title ‘Extended Mall Hours’. It’s been reported that this particular cut of the movie is the one that runs the longest, clocking in at an astonishing three hours and fifteen minutes.

The Mall Hours Cut is a version of the movie that was edited by a fan who wishes to remain nameless. In this version, the fan included some of the footage that had been omitted from the film’s first release. The spectator is given a more in-depth insight into the world of the film thanks to this footage, which includes longer scenes, alternate takes, and footage that was originally cut. The lovers of the film see this particular version as a priceless piece of memorabilia.

The malls hours cut is a version of the film that has been altered by a fan. A new interpretation of a film is created by removing, rearranging, or adding new material. This fan edit includes quite a bit of extra footage. Moreover, the mall sequences contain several scenes of violence and various dialogue extensions that amplify the narrative and give a greater sense of importance to the story. In the movie’s finale, we see the bikers planning their “attack strategy” during an expanded scene. Stephen and Peter also have an extended conversation after they return from their first shopping trip. In the event that Fran were to get bitten, they argue about how they would handle it. It has a much darker tone than the theatrical cut, with a more depressing tenor. The new material has been seamlessly incorporated into the revised version. 

According to the synopsis, the Mall Hours Cut provides viewers with a more in-depth look at the people and their motivations, as well as a more extensive look at the zombie and the backdrop of the mall. The newly added material features an increased amount of bloodshed and brutality, which results in a viewing experience that is both more intense and more unsettling.

In spite of the fact that this version of the film does not have an official license and cannot be purchased, it has developed a devoted fan base and is regarded as an absolute necessity for movie buffs to view it at some point. The movie is also regarded as a masterpiece in the zombie subgenre, and the mall hours edit is such a distinctive take on the story of the picture that if you can get your hands on a copy, you should absolutely watch it.

The Extended Mall Hours Cut was an unique video that was only available to be bootlegged and passed about in exclusive communities of horror fans for a good portion of its existence. Those individuals who are interested in viewing this version of the movie may have a difficult time tracking it down; nevertheless, a supporter just sent us a note notifying us that conducting a simple search on YouTube will actually get the results that you are searching for.

Facts about the Extended Mall Hours Cut:

  • Considered the holy grail of Dawn of the Dead fan edits
  • Assembled by splicing together all available footage
  • Gained legendary status in horror fan circles
  • Owning a bootleg VHS was badge of honor for collectors
  • Runs approximately 3 hours 15 minutes long
  • Adds over 20 minutes of explicit content
  • Greatly expands the mall sequences
  • Features extended scenes of graphic violence
  • Alternate character moments added
  • Creates a darker, grittier tone
  • Bikers attack planning added
  • Debate on Fran getting bitten extended
  • Never officially released
  • Circulated as rare bootleg copies
  • Still whispered about among hardcore fans today

All of the available footage from Dawn of the Dead has been included on a new Blu-ray edition called “The Complete Cut,” which was recently made available. Although the “Extended Mall Hours Cut” has been mostly superseded, we will continue to think of it as the first and best definitive edition throughout our lives. As a point of clarification, “The Complete Cut” is currently the ideal version to own because its picture quality is superior and its cuts were completed by professionals, making it even better than our previously cherished Mall Hours Edition.

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