May 7, 2021

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Dawn of the Dead 1978 Horror Movie Facts

Dawn of the Dead (1978) Facts & Information

Nothing says best classic zombie movie like Dawn of the Dead 1978, it’s simply the best put together zombie movie of its time, breaking barriers and setting standards for a whole genre. Truly a Classic in every sense of the word. If you have not seen this film and consider yourself to be a zombie fan then do-yourself a favor and check this one out as soon as possible.

We have put together a collection of horror facts about this great zombie survival horror movie.

The biggest fact for the movie is the reason the zombies looked so grey-blue is that Tom Savini chose the gray skin tone to show us rotting dead walking around as in the first film it was black and white which did not need to have the skin color depicted in this way, however the cameras captured the color in the spectrum of blue which many on set say they did not look like this in person.

Since we are on the topic of Tom Savini we should mention that the two infamous zombie children at the airport attacking Peter are blood line related to Tom and cast by Donna Savini and Mike Savini, . These two are the only zombies in all of George A. Romero’s “Dead” films that move at high speed without doing the whole drag your feet behind you setup.

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