[Indie Spotlight] Slime and Slashers YouTube Channel

Slime and Slashers

In today’s horror spotlight, we are shining a friendly light on an upcoming YouTube channel Slime and Slashers that had quit but is now back in action for almost seven months. Meet Kelsi a super friendly indie content creator, and mind behind the Slime and Slashers YouTube Channel. After browsing through a few hours of videos, tweets, and other content they are putting out, we found that they are a very dedicated content creator that … Read The Full Article

‘Zombie With a Shotgun’ Director Needs Your Help

Writer/director Hilton Ariel Ruiz is looking to bring his creation ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ back for another instalment, this time in a follow-up to his original 2019 film. Back in 2012, Ruiz first saw his creation make the transition to the screen when he created the first episode of his ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ web series. The project was originally showcased through social media, but soon it went viral and the world was introduced to … Read The Full Article

Safer at Home YouTube Series

Safer at Home Stream free here

Looking for something pandemic inspired to watch today? Why not check out this new YouTube series ‘Safer at Home’. It’s inspired by the current state of the world and is free to watch for everyone. So for today’s pandemic related content, we suggest Safer at Home you will get your horror fix and support indie horror content creators. The world is plagued by a virus, but Jacob, Melissa, and Shannon are plagued by something far … Read The Full Article