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[Indie Spotlight] Slime and Slashers YouTube Channel

In today’s horror spotlight, we are shining a friendly light on an upcoming YouTube channel Slime and Slashers that had quit but is now back in action for almost seven months.

Meet Kelsi a super friendly indie content creator, and mind behind the Slime and Slashers YouTube Channel.

After browsing through a few hours of videos, tweets, and other content they are putting out, we found that they are a very dedicated content creator that is growing rapidly.

I imagine you’re wondering what’s on the Slime and Slashers YouTube channel? 

With Kelsi’s channel, you will find a vast number of book reviews and book hauls. Her subscribers can expect a wide selection of updates and reviews on horror movies, as well as some older wrestling content!

The majority of Kelsi’s interests stem from pop culture! Besides horror films and horror books, she has a sharp passion for 90s nostalgia, Halloween time, watching and analyzing movies and TV, drinking good beer, and, of course, reading. Additionally, she enjoys Legos and puzzles, traditional animation, laughter, 90s Nickelodeon, Bill Murray, and Pee-Wee Herman, as well as candy, magnets, and creating content.

She also has a trailer for her channel, explaining things in more detail.

Most channels are dedicated to a single focus, but I like so many things! So on this channel, you’ll find book reviews and book hauls, 90s nostalgia content, my “Either/OR” series (where I pit two things I love against each other; I must choose one, and the other ceases to exist!), and other topic videos that delve into one subject (like my videos about Bill Murray & 90s Nickelodeon), plus much more! And I do a lot of live streams. Sub to join in on the fun, especially all you 90s kids & horror freaks!.

If you are interested in checking out Slime and Slashers with Kelsi I have included links to many of their socials and of course their YouTube channel.

Slime and Slashers Links

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