‘Zombie With a Shotgun’ Director Needs Your Help

Writer/director Hilton Ariel Ruiz is looking to bring his creation ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ back for another instalment, this time in a follow-up to his original 2019 film.

Back in 2012, Ruiz first saw his creation make the transition to the screen when he created the first episode of his ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ web series. The project was originally showcased through social media, but soon it went viral and the world was introduced to Aaron Walker, a man stuck somewhere between living and dead.

The series follows Aaron, a man who seems to be able to fight the zombie virus that courses through his veins. He is able to somehow retain parts of his humanity, while at the same time he finds himself developing special skills like the ability to communicate with the undead.

Accompanied by his girlfriend and armed with a shotgun, he goes out to seek the truth behind his infection, while at the same time being pursued by whose who want to kill him and those who want to use Aaron for their own personal agenda.   

There have been five episodes released of the web series to date, all of which have a run time of fewer than five minutes apiece.

The series starred Braeden Baade as Aaron Walker and Lynnea Molane as Aaron’s girlfriend, Rachael.

You can watch the first episode of Ruiz’s ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ web series below.

YouTube video

Ruiz would continue to dedicate himself to the project and, in 2015, his efforts paid off when ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ made its next transition into print. In collaboration with artist Simone Guglielmini, Ruiz released a comic book series of ‘Zombie with a Shotgun.’

The series was an expanded retelling of the web series, with Ruiz being able to add elements to the story that he had been initially unable to add to the web series due to a limited budget.

Below is a link to the first issue of the ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ comic series.

Zombie With a Shotgun
Cover Art for Issue #1

Then in 2016, Ruiz started to raise money through fund-raising campaigns as he prepared to take the next logical step, setting his sights on developing a ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ feature film.

It took three years but Ruiz once again proved that he was determined in his efforts to see his creation thrive. On November 28, 2019, his dream was realized when ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ was released to stream on Amazon Prime.

The film took its inspiration from the expanded story told within the comic series, adding additional elements and characters that had been absent from the original web series.

Below is a trailer for the 2019 ‘Zombie with a Shotgun’ feature film, that is currently available to stream on Prime within the United States.

YouTube video

As an independent horror website ourselves, Horrorfacts loves to take the opportunity to showcase those in the independent horror community who demonstrate that, with hard work and determination, their projects have the ability to breathe new life into the horror genre and give the fans something new and exciting.

This new and exciting project comes in the form of a follow-up to Ruiz’s original film.

Unfortunately, independent projects often don’t receive recognition from big studios, who care more about the box office return than the actual film itself.

That’s why Ruiz and his team are turning to the fans to make his dream a reality.

You can help see this film come to life by visiting the Patreon page in the link below and selecting from six different membership levels, ranging from $4 to $133.50 per month, with the latter giving the donor an Associate Producer credit on ‘Zombie with a Shotgun part 2’ after ten consecutive contributions.

You can donate to the project and support this independent horror film by clicking on the link below.