Tubi March 2024 Horror Lineup

Nightmares await as Tubi prepares to unleash a bone-chilling array of horror movie mayhem this March. Horror buffs, consider this your official warning – the popular free streaming service is opening its crypt to fresh terrors in the coming weeks, welcoming spooky new additions that are certain to haunt your screens. From Tubi Original bloodbaths to cult favorite creatures features, spine-tingling thrills emerge from the shadows all month long.

Smart homes become deadly in Romi when a young woman is stalked by a sinister AI named ROMI with a murderous mind of its own. Meanwhile, an Italian getaway turns ghoulish for a bachelorette party when they invite in a vampire with a thirst for brides in You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In. And iconic horrors return, like the flesh-eating Blob ready to ooze its way into viewers’ nightmares.

So brace yourself for the horror marathon to come. This March, scary streaming starts at home as Tubi prepares to unleash shriek-worthy new additions almost too frightening to watch…if you dare.

Tubi’s New Original Horror Movies

This March, Tubi is upping the horror ante by premiering frightful new Original films guaranteed to haunt viewers. These Tubi Exclusives bring fresh scares to small screens, from sinister smart homes to bloodthirsty wedding crashers and beyond.

First up is Romi, Tubi’s twist on the “smart home gone wrong” horror trope. When a young woman hides out in a high-tech house, she soon becomes the target of Romi — the home’s menacing AI assistant intent on attacking all intruders. Next comes You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In, following a bachelorette bash in Italy that takes a deadly turn when the women let a handsome stranger into their vacation home, only to find he’s a vampire seeking his next victim as a bride.

And if deadly tech and vampiric wedding crashers weren’t enough, Tubi Originals is also unleashing The Camp Host about a psycho killer lurking at an idyllic campsite and Paradise, where a woman goes on a revenge spree through her corrupt small town.

So lock your doors and brace for fresh frights — Tubi is gearing up to bring the screams this March with Original horror movies made to haunt your nightmares.

Tubi Originals – New Horror & Thriller Releases

Romi (March 14)

  • A young woman hiding in a high-tech smart home is stalked by Romi, the home’s sinister AI assistant

You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In (March 15)

  • Bachelorette party goes awry when the women realize the handsome stranger they let in is actually a vampire seeking a bride

The Camp Host (March 16)

  • At an picturesque campsite, the friendly host turns out to be a deranged killer targeting the young couple staying there

Paradise (March 21)

  • A woman goes on a revenge spree, cutting through the corrupt underworld of her small town after her father’s murder is covered up

Kiss of Death (March 23)

  • A secret hit woman leading a double life must do whatever it takes to conceal her identity and protect her family

Snatched (March 30)

  • Plotting revenge on their exes proves deadly when three women’s vengeance schemes spiral out of control

More Horror Hits Haunting Tubi March 2024

Along with its new creepy Originals, Tubi is welcoming even more horror favorites and cult classics to terrify viewers. Additional spine-tingling movies being added in March include:


Gothika (March 1)

  • Halle Berry plays a psychiatrist who wakes up as an asylum patient, accused of a brutal murder she has no memory of.

House on Haunted Hill (1999) (March 1)

  • A theme park mogul offers a group a million dollars to spend the night in a supposedly haunted mansion.

Knock Knock (2015) (March 1)

  • Two young girls make a man’s life a nightmare after he allows them into his home.

The Exorcism of God (March 15)

  • An American priest working in Mexico City must face his past sins when his demonic exorcisms come back to haunt him.
The Blob

The Blob (1988) (March 1)

  • A hungry alien lifeform terrorizes a small town, absorbing everyone in its path.

Sorority Row (March 1)

  • A prank gone wrong comes back to haunt a group of sorority sisters in this remake of the 80s slasher “The House on Sorority Row”.

Getting Your Scare On: Using Tubi to Stream Horror

Ready to scream? As a free, ad-supported streaming service available in several countries, Tubi makes it easy for horror fans to access these new frightening films.

To start streaming the horror lineup coming to Tubi in March, just follow these steps:

  1. Download the Tubi app on your preferred device such as a smart TV, streaming device like Roku or Firestick, smartphone, or tablet. Or visit tubitv.com to use the web browser version.
  2. Create a free Tubi account to enable features like bookmarking favorites and resume play. No credit card needed!
  3. Use Tubi’s horror category or search bar to find your preferred poison, whether that’s Tubi Originals like Romi or classics like The Blob.
  4. Customize your experience by creating a watchlist of titles to bookmark for later.

Prepare for nightmares, horror fans. This March, Tubi isn’t just expanding its scary movie catalog – it’s unleashing terrors unlike anything viewers have seen before. Between Tubi Original frights like the vengeful Romi and human-hunting vampire brides, to the return of genre classics like The Blob ready to absorb victims, Tubi is set to deliver screams aplenty.

So steel your nerves and stock up on blankets to hide under, because Tubi is opening the floodgates to a bloodbath of brand new horror soon. Don’t dare watch alone…if you can even bear to hit play. Consider yourself forewarned – tubular terrors are coming for horror buffs all March long!