HOLLYWOOD, (March 5, 2024) – The newly revived Anchor Bay Entertainment brought some delightfully odd buzz to this year’s Berlin International Film Festival by acquiring the genre-bending horror-comedy “Crust.” Helmed by actor-turned-director Sean Whalen, best known for cult favorite roles in “The People Under the Stairs” and “Twister,” “Crust” promises to deliver his signature offbeat sensibilities through a tale that blends quirky comedy with macabre thrills.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring Sean’s wonderfully weird creative vision to North American audiences,” said Anchor Bay co-founder Thomas Zambeck. “Everything about this film, from the unique premise to the stellar cast to Sean’s mastery of tone, epitomizes the kind of movie we want in the Anchor Bay library – something that defies easy categorization and leaves a lasting, delightfully twisted impression.”

The film follows former child star Vegas Winters (Whalen), now a depressed, disgruntled laundromat owner whose tearful anguish one night brings a pile of lost socks to life. The sock monster “Crust” becomes an ardent protector and friend to Vegas – which comes in handy when his life takes a deadly turn involving a new girlfriend, a meddling former co-star forcing him into a sitcom reboot, and a paranormal investigator sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. As the chaos mounts, the violently protective Crust starts racking up the bodies.

Whalen directs from an oddball script he penned alongside Jim Wald and leads a cast packed with horror icons: Daniel Roebuck of Rob Zombie’s “The Munsters,” Felissa Rose of “Sleepaway Camp” fame, “Back to the Future” alum Ricky Dean Logan and Alan Ruck of “Succession” play key supporting roles. On the production side, Rose produces alongside Daniel John Kearney and Chris Sergi, who negotiated the landmark Anchor Bay deal on behalf of the “Crust” filmmaking team.

“I’m over the blood-red moon that my directorial debut found the perfect home at Anchor Bay,” said Whalen. “I’ve admired their unique film slate for years. The whole team completely embraced my eccentric vision from the start, and I can’t wait to unleash ‘Crust’ onto audiences later this year.”

Zambeck and Anchor Bay co-founder Brian Katz announced the acquisition fresh off “Crust’s” raucous Berlin premiere. As they focus on reviving the iconic Anchor Bay brand, the pair continue to scout for boundary-pushing genre fare to build a slate of films that – like “Crust” – challenges the status quo and leaves a lasting impression.

“We’re committed to uncovering and curating the kind of bold, visionary films that have always defined the Anchor Bay legacy,” Zambeck added. “With ‘Crust’ as our vanguard, I think we’re off to a pretty twisted start.”

Stay tuned to for more updates on “Crust” and the latest acquisitions from the new and improved Anchor Bay Entertainment.