Beetlejuice 2

Beetlejuice 2 Promises to Capture Original Movie’s Magic

Tim Burton’s 1988 cult classic Beetlejuice starred Michael Keaton as the ghost with the most. More than 30 years later, a sequel is finally in the works with Keaton returning to the role that made him famous. But will the highly anticipated Beetlejuice 2 recapture the practical effects and inventive spirit that made the original so beloved?

According to Keaton, the answer is a resounding yes. In a recent interview with People, the actor raved about the sequel, saying “It’s the most fun I’ve had on set in a long time.” He went on to explain that while many assumed a Beetlejuice follow-up would be fun based on the concept alone, that isn’t always the case. Fortunately for fans, Keaton says the stars aligned for this production.

A key reason? The film’s dedication to practical effects over CGI. Keaton revealed that he and director Tim Burton made an early pact to avoid too much modern technology. Instead, they wanted to emulate the handmade, DIY aesthetic that defined the first film. As Keaton put it, “It had to feel handmade…What made it fun was watching somebody in the corner actually holding something up for you.”

This back-to-basics approach promises to make Beetlejuice 2 feel like a true follow-up, not just a modern rehash. While CGI can enable unlimited possibilities, physical props and makeup have an authenticity that is hard to replicate digitally. If Keaton’s enthusiasm is any indication, it seems the practical approach paid off.

Plot details remain mostly under wraps, but we do know Beetlejuice 2 will focus heavily on family. Teen actress Jenna Ortega is set to play Lydia’s (Winona Ryder) daughter, who develops a bond with Keaton’s troublemaking ghost. Beetlejuice himself is now married to a new character played by Monica Bellucci.

With filming having wrapped in November 2022, Beetlejuice fans don’t have long to wait. The ghost with the most returns to wreak havoc in the long-awaited sequel, hitting theaters on September 6, 2023. If the early buzz is accurate, it will be well worth the over 30-year wait. Beetlejuice 2 promises to recapture all the strange and unusual magic that made the original so endlessly rewatchable.

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