Santa Isn't Real

Santa Isn’t Real [Trailer]

Brace Yourselves for a Holiday Horror Sleigh Ride – Demented Killer Santa Seeks Revenge in ‘Santa Isn’t Real’

Well ring my jingle bells and deck my halls in bloody graffiti, because we have a gloriously twisted holiday horror headed our way just in time to blaspheme the Yuletide spirit. Coming December 8 is the deviously titled “Santa Isn’t Real” from the fiendish minds at XYZ Films, and it looks poised to ruin Christmas in spectacularly gory fashion.

The chilling synopsis reveals a young woman named Nikki survives a brutal Christmas Eve attack, only to claim the perpetrator was none other than Santa Claws himself, Mr. Kris Kringle. Of course, her friends write it off as trauma-induced delusion…until the murderous Saint Nick returns to terrorize the group one year later during another remote holiday getaway.

With a premise seemingly designed to offend the morality police, “Santa Isn’t Real” promises to hilariously subvert expectations by delivering Santa slasher carnage beyond our most festively freakish dreams. I’m positively giddy imagining the creative kill potential involving toy weapons and holiday décor.

And I’ve got my fingers crossed that this Kris Kringle trades in his bowl full of jelly for a belly full of maniacal menace. Just picture those rosy cheeks and jolly laugh turned demonic! This sounds like the perfect twisted treat for any hardcore horror fan looking to coal-troll Christmas cheer in deliciously dark fashion.

So get ready to deck your screams with boughs of blood when the vengeful Santa of “Santa Isn’t Real” comes to town this December. Something tells me he’s making a list and slashing twice for anyone naughty enough to doubt his murderous existence. This holiday horror looks ready to slay ride straight into the blasphemous halls of fame!

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