November 17th Gore Fiends – Eli Roth Unleashes His ‘Thanksgiving’ Slasher Upon Us

Clear your calendar creepsters because the sultan of splatter himself, Eli Roth, is serving up a grotesque cornucopia of carnage when his long-awaited “Thanksgiving” slasher finally carves into theaters November 17th. And judging by the gloriously retro poster, this holiday-themed hackfest looks ready to pay gory tribute to our nostalgic love of 90s dead teenager movies.

Expanding his ingeniously sick “Grindhouse” trailer into feature length mayhem, Roth sets his ruthless turkey day killer loose in Plymouth, Massachusetts – the historic birthplace of the infamous holiday. After a Black Friday bout of retail rage ends in tragedy, a murderous pilgrim-clad maniac begins picking off residents in ruthlessly festive fashion.

With Roth and producing partner Roger Birnbaum re-teaming for this passion project, you know every detail aims to lovingly evoke the golden era of slashers when masked psychos and creative kills reigned supreme. And the cast they’ve assembled including Patrick Dempsey, Gina Gershon, and Addison Rae promises wicked fun.

So prep the mashed potatoes and cranberry blood bags for Eli Roth’s long-awaited plunge into full-blown holiday horror mayhem. “Thanksgiving” finally arrives this November 17th, so sharpen your carving knives for a slasher celebration sure to make this year’s festivities the freakiest ever!

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