“Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!” Streaming Free Today!

Happy Easter 2022 from the team at Horror Facts, we managed to find a streaming copy of Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! and we are sharing it with you all right now.

During the night before Easter, a shady individual by the name of Remington holds up a convenience shop with a shotgun while donning an Easter Bunny disguise, fatally shooting the store clerk. Remington is revealed to be the violent lover of Mindy Peters, a widow who lives alone with her son Nicholas, who has cerebral palsy.

Mindy Peters is a victim of domestic violence. When Mindy isn’t there, Remington torments the youngster in the most heinous way. Nicholas comes into a homeless guy one night while putting out the garbage, and the man offers him a bunny, which he claims is the Easter Bunny.

As soon as Remington comes upon Nicholas’s new pet, he threatens to put it down if Nicholas says anything negative about him to his mother. When Remington has a pedophile come over to Nicholas’ house on Easter Sunday while Mindy is at work, it is a total disgrace.

For his own amusement, he also invites a couple of prostitutes to his house. Suddenly, a person dressed in Remington’s Easter Bunny costume begins murdering innocent people.

The title of the film is a clear reference to Russ Meyer’s iconic sexploitation film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! from 1966, which serves as the film’s inspiration.

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“Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!” is now available for streaming on on Tubi TV and VUDU Free with a handful of ads.

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Don’t expect too much from Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! take it with a grain of salt and Happy Easter.