Stream Toxic Avenger And Class of Nuke em High free

Troma Tuesday Watch ‘Toxic Avenger’ & ‘Class of Nuke’em High’ FREE

Are you a Troma fan? If you are then you are in luck both the Toxic Avenger and Nuke’em High are streaming for free right now on Tubi.

The Toxic Avenger is a 1984 American superhero dark comedy splatter film directed by Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman (credited as Samuel Weil) and written by Kaufman and Joe Ritter. It stars Michael Herz as the titular superhero and is written by Kaufman and Joe Ritter. The Toxic Avenger is the first entry in the Toxic Avenger series of films. Troma Entertainment, which is infamous for making low-budget B-movies with campy storylines and graphic violence, distributed the picture. After a lengthy and popular midnight movie engagement at the Bleecker Street Cinema in Greenwich Village in late 1985, The Toxic Avenger gained traction with moviegoers despite being mostly overlooked upon its first theatrical premiere. It is now considered as a cult classic in the film industry.

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Class of Nuke ‘Em High  (also known as Atomic High School) is a 1986 American science fiction horror comedy film produced by B-movie production studio Troma Entertainment. It is the first instalment in the Atomic High School series. It was directed by Richard W. Haines and Lloyd Kaufman under the guise of “Samuel Weil,” and it was written by Richard W. Haines. The laser effects were produced by New York-based holographer Jason Sapan.

The story revolves on the events that take place at Tromaville High School in New Jersey, which happens to be conveniently placed near to a nuclear power station. Plant owner Mr. Paley, who does not want the facility shut down by the safety commission, conceals the existence of an accident at the nuclear power plant he controls. As a result of the accident, a radioactive water leak occurs, which ultimately results in the grisly death of a pupil at the school when the poisoned water reaches the drinking fountain. School bullies known as “The Cretins,” who were once members of the honour society, abuse students and faculty, and it is indicated that they have been transformed into violent psychopaths as a result of the plant’s runoff. In the yard of the nuclear facility, they harvest marijuana leaves that they sell to Eddie for a ten-dollar profit.

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