Tubi Delivers Chills and Thrills with 3 New Original Horror Movies

Horror fans, get ready for a frightful streaming marathon with 3 new Tubi original horror films premiering July 22nd.

First up is the spine-tingling docuseries “Scariest Places in the World.” This series spotlights 10 exceptionally creepy real-world locations that seem tailor-made to induce nightmares. From a haunted island in Italy to an abandoned wizard school in Poland, each episode provides an immersive look at a terrifying site, complete with ghostly legends and blood-curdling history. Armchair travelers with a taste for the macabre won’t want to miss this global tour of the world’s scariest places. 

Scariest Places in the World
YouTube video

Next is the disturbingly-titled “Deadly Dilf,” which puts a psycho-sexual spin on the dangers of obsession. When a college freshman gets a little too infatuated with her neighbor, a married father known locally as the “hot dad,” her puppy love morphs into something more sinister as she becomes determined to destroy his marriage at any cost. This cautionary tale is sure to keep viewers questioning just how well they know their friendly neighbors.

Deadly Dilf
YouTube video

Finally, retro horror fans will delight in “The Lurking Fear,” which follows a TV crew filming in an abandoned asylum who unwittingly awaken its demonic inhabitants. Trapped with nowhere to run, the overmatched crew must fight tooth and nail to escape the horde of monsters eager to rip them limb from limb. With flashes of classic creature features, this original promises bloody good B-movie fun.

The Lurking Fear
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So grab your blankets and queue up these 3 fresh-off-the-line Tubi originals for a wickedly entertaining weekend of horrors both real and imagined. Just be sure to keep the lights on once the credits roll!

Tubi’s library is packed with hundreds of scary movies old and new guaranteed to make your skin crawl. From beloved classics like Psycho and Night of the Living Dead to recent critical hits like The Witch and It Follows, Tubi offers an impressively deep catalog of horror from iconic auteurs and rising indie talent alike. Their selection spans decades and subgenres, so whether you’re into slow-burn ghost stories, slashers, creature features, or disturbing psychological thrills, Tubi has you covered for round-the-clock scares. So even once you’ve devoured these new originals, there will still be plenty of terrors in wait on Tubi’s buffet of free horror films.