Supernatural Sasquatch Horror ‘Summoning the Spirit’ Set to Scare Audiences This August

The legendary Bigfoot is stomping his way to horror screens this August with the new cryptid thriller ‘Summoning the Spirit’. Dark Star Pictures has confirmed the paranormal Sasquatch shocker will release digitally and on DVD on August 8, 2023.

Written by scare masters Jon Garcia and Zach Carter and directed by Garcia, ‘Summoning the Spirit’ brings a fresh fierceness to Bigfoot horror. The film premiered earlier this year at the Miami Film Festival, leaving critics raving about its immersive atmosphere and skin-crawling scares. Horror icon Greg Hale, producer of ‘The Blair Witch Project’, hailed it as “a great addition to the sub-sub-genre of Bigfoot horror.”

In the film, a couple played by Krystal Millie Valdes and Ernesto Reyes leaves behind the hustle of city life for a cozy home in the woods. But they quickly realize their forest getaway is surrounded by a sinister cult. The robe-wearing cult leader claims he shares a telepathic connection with a man-eating Sasquatch beast lurking in the shadows.

Trapped in a winding web of paranormal secrets, the terrified couple races to expose the cult’s creepy prophecies before the legendary monster feasts on fresh victims.

With its remote cabins and cult conspiracies, ‘Summoning the Spirit’ looks primed to take Bigfoot horror to spine-tingling new depths. “It’s a fresh take on Sasquatch while still delivering on the fun and the scares,” promises producer Michael Repsch.

So prepare for a haunting new crypto-horror legend when ‘Summoning the Spirit’ arrives on August 8, courtesy of Dark Star Pictures. This Sasquatch shocker looks ready to leave audiences screaming for the safety of the city.