Exclusive First Details on ‘Creek Encounters’ – New Horror Thriller From ‘Ghost Track’ Director Jason Brown

Horror Facts has received exclusive early intel on the upcoming film ‘Creek Encounters’ from writer/director Jason Brown, known for the acclaimed indie horror ‘Ghost Track.’

Plot details are scarce but the premise sounds chilling – a group of teachers find themselves trapped inside Creek High School battling an unknown, possibly alien force. As this sinister presence stalks the hallways, the teachers race against time to both escape and get to the bottom of what’s happening to their students. 

From the press kit, it seems Creek High descends into chaos as the teachers realize the students are not who they appear to be. With all exits blocked, survival becomes dependent on the group working together against the school’s shocking secrets.

Fans of Brown’s past work should be intrigued by his return to an eerie school setting. ‘Ghost Track’ also followed students and teachers facing off against evil spirits inside a haunted school. ‘Creek Encounters’ looks to further explore this terrifying territory with a sci-fi twist.

Not much else is known yet about the production, but Brown’s films have screened at major festivals including Frame Film Fest and Los Angeles CineFest. His mastery of suspense and knack for crafting chilling indie thrillers on a budget makes ‘Creek Encounters’ one to watch for horror junkies.

Horror Facts will share more exclusive updates as we get them. But for now, expect paranormal scares, claustrophobic tension and a fight for survival when ‘Creek Encounters’ arrives soon.

Check out the trailer below.

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