Tubi Exposes the Scariest Places in the World

We all have them – whispers of places so haunted, so tainted by tragedy, that they burrow deep into our darkest nightmares. In the Tubi original documentary Scariest Places in the World, a panel of paranormal investigators, folklore experts, podcasters, and paranormal tour guides rank the top 10 most terrifying sites the planet has to offer. Could the scariest place be the foreboding Bran Castle in Transylvania? – The birthplace of Dracula. What makes this … Read The Full Article

Tubi Delivers Chills and Thrills with 3 New Original Horror Movies

Horror fans, get ready for a frightful streaming marathon with 3 new Tubi original horror films premiering July 22nd. First up is the spine-tingling docuseries “Scariest Places in the World.” This series spotlights 10 exceptionally creepy real-world locations that seem tailor-made to induce nightmares. From a haunted island in Italy to an abandoned wizard school in Poland, each episode provides an immersive look at a terrifying site, complete with ghostly legends and blood-curdling history. Armchair … Read The Full Article