The Release Date For Hunter Schafer’s Spine-Tingling New Horror Film “Cuckoo” Is Finally Here

Horror fans, mark your calendars – the release date for the highly-anticipated thriller “Cuckoo” has officially been set for May 3, 2024.

“Cuckoo” stars Hunter Schafer of “Euphoria” fame as a young woman named Gretchen who uncovers sinister secrets and experiences terrifying visions while on a trip to Germany.

Directed By An Acclaimed Horror Visionary

The director behind “Cuckoo” is Tillman Singer, who is quickly making a name for himself after his critically praised horror film “Luz” wowed genre fans. His distinct style and ability to get under the skin of audiences signals that “Cuckoo” will be a visually stunning and mentally scarring ride.

An Ensemble Of Talented Actors Joins Schafer

Schafer is joined by an ensemble cast that includes Dan Stevens (“The Guest”) as her father, Jessica Henwick (“Love & Monsters”) as her stepmother, and Marton Csókás (“Freelance”), Astrid Bergès-Frisbey (“Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides”), Greta Fernández (“Embers”) and Jan Bluthardt (“Luz”) in unknown roles that are being kept tightly guarded.

The Premise Of “Cuckoo”: A Vacation Gone Horribly Wrong

In “Cuckoo”, Schafer plays Gretchen, who accompanies her father and stepmother on a vacation to the picturesque German Alps. However, Gretchen soon discovers the resort town hides nightmarish secrets underneath its postcard-worthy veneer.

She begins hearing strange noises wherever she goes and is plagued by visions of a mysterious woman stalking her. As Gretchen’s paranoia grows, sinister forces seem to close in around her.

Will Gretchen escape the German Alps or will the “Cuckoo” get her first? Fans will have to wait until May 2024 to uncover the mysteries surrounding this horror-thriller.

“Cuckoo” Looks To Follow In The Footsteps Of “Pig” and “Titane”

The production company behind “Cuckoo,” Neon, has been behind some of the most riveting horror films as of late, including Nicolas Cage’s “Pig” and the shocking body horror “Titane” which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes last year.

“Cuckoo” is poised to follow their lead, subverting expectations and leaving psychological scars on all those who dare watch.

Mark Your Calendars For May 3, 2024

Horror fans, do not make plans for May 3, 2024. The tantalizing mysteries hiding within “Cuckoo” will finally be revealed on that fateful date. Will you brave the horrors within? Or will the “Cuckoo” add you to its list of victims?