Spine-Tingling ‘Night Shift’ Checks In March 8th, Unveils Chilling Trailer

Horror fans, book your stay at the creepiest motel in cinema this March. ‘Night Shift,’ an upcoming thriller marking the directorial debut of the China Brothers, premieres on March 8th. Quiver Distribution will unleash the film in select theaters and on VOD, promising a night of slow-building dread courtesy of its talented ensemble cast.

A trailer for ‘Night Shift’ reveals a haunting hotel harboring sinister secrets in the dead of night. New employee Gwen Taylor, played by Phoebe Tonkin (‘Boy Swallows Universe’), quickly suspects something supernatural stalks the shadowy halls. Worse still, a figure from Gwen’s past seems to lurk within the hotel, ratcheting up the tension.

Tonkin leads the film alongside Lamorne Morris (‘Fargo’) and Madison Hu (‘The Brothers Sun’). In crafting the hotel’s escalating scares, the China Brothers drew from a rich background in thrillers. The duo previously penned ‘Sweet Virginia,’ a critically praised 2017 Tribeca selection.

YouTube video

Now they unleash their directorial debut, plunging Gwen and audiences alike into an increasingly frightening night shift. The trailer shows flickering lights and eerie hallways hinting at paranormal dangers. With no one to help her, Gwen must confront the evil presence before daybreak.

In a statement, the China Brothers expressed excitement at premiering their chilling vision through a partnership with Quiver. They promise ‘Night Shift’ will offer a “perfect Friday or Saturday night film” – fun, scary, and thrilling. If the trailer’s glimpse of shadowy figures and unnerving motel horrors proves true, fright fans are in for an intense ride.

So mark the date and book your stay at this haunted hotel hotspot. ‘Night Shift’ checks in March 8th, unveiling its sinister secrets across theaters and VOD. With directing and writing talent behind the camera, coupled with Tonkin’s star power, the film shapes up as a nerve-fraying good time. Just hope Gwen can survive the night in this creepy locale as terror checks in and refuses to leave.