‘The Becomers’ Sets Theatrical Release

Zany Sci-Fi Rom-Com ‘The Becomers’ sets a release date.

Prepare for a genre-smashing extravaganza as Dark Star Pictures acquires acclaimed filmmaker Zach Clark’s latest offbeat creation, ‘The Becomers.’ This unique sci-fi rom-com blends body horror, cringe comedy, and a biting political backdrop into one outlandish yet meaningful package.

Following rave reviews on the festival circuit, ‘The Becomers’ now sets its sights on a North American theatrical run in Q3 2024. Clark directs the zany film and co-produces with Joe Swanberg (‘Happy Christmas’) and Eddie Linker (‘Ghostlight’) under their Slasher Film Company banner. The cast stars Molly Plunk (‘Little Sister’), Mike Lopez (‘All Jacked Up and Full of Worms’), and Frank V. Ross (‘Drinking Buddies’), with the iconic voice of Russell Mael of Sparks fame.

Clark’s screenplay introduces two body-snatching alien lovers who escape their dying planet for Earth. Jumping between human hosts as their essences seek each other out, the pair become engrossed in modern American culture and politics. This madcap premise allows ‘The Becomers’ to bounce wildly between tones and concepts, earning the film comparisons from critics to David Cronenberg and Jim Jarmusch.

In Michael Repsch’s words, “‘The Becomers’ successfully touches so many different genres and wraps them all up with a backdrop of US politics.” This biting political commentary permeates the extraterrestrials’ journey, highlighting themes of isolation and humanity’s need to connect.

Upon its festival premiere, outlets like Mashable and Bloody Disgusting praised the film’s sheer ambition to blend cringe humor, body horror, rom-com storytelling, and real-world anxieties into an engaging experience. Filmmaker Magazine summed it up as “toggling between a Jarmusch cool and a Linklater chill.”

For Clark, ‘The Becomers’ channels his feelings in the chaos of 2020 to humorous and often unsettling effect. As its theatrical launch nears, the movie looks primed to challenge perceptions and the gag reflex on its way to finding an appreciative cult audience.

So get ready for ‘The Becomers’ to splash down soon, bringing its weird, wild charms to the big screen. This genre mashup offers a cocktail only Zach Clark could mix, fusing romance and politics with gleeful abandon.

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