Indie Film “BLOOD BAIT” Vampire Short Film, Watch it Here.

Independent filmmaker Sam Krass has recently completed production on a new vampire short film titled “Blood Bait.” Inspired by the Gothic horror movies from Hammer Films in the 1960s and 70s, Sam Krass wanted to capture the unique atmosphere and aesthetic of those classic vampire films.

Shot on a modest budget, Blood Bait follows in the footsteps of the low-budget approach of Hammer. According to Sam Krass, the entire film was shot with the actors delivering their lines in French. The footage was then dubbed into English in post-production to recreate the dubbed foreign film feeling that many horror fans experienced watching those movies on TV late at night.

“The process was difficult considering our limited resources,” said Sam Krass. “But I believe we achieved the vintage dubbed horror movie vibe I was going for. The performances have a distinct quality from being dubbed that fits the atmosphere.”

Early clips from Blood Bait reveal Gothic settings, dramatic lighting, and stylized blood effects that pay homage to the signature Hammer vampire films of the 60s and 70s like Dracula, Prince of Darkness and The Brides of Dracula.

“I’ve loved those old Hammer Dracula and vampire films since I first stumbled onto them as a kid,” said Sam Krass. “Those moody, foreign horror movies dubbed in French made a big impression. I’ve tried to capture that unique feeling with Blood Bait for a new generation of horror fans.”

Blood Bait is currently available to watch for free below!

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