Paranoia Tapes Jack Hunter is Releasing The Nine Film Directors Cut on Blu-Ray [Interview]

Over the holidays, Jack Hunter and I reconnected and he shared some excellent news with Horror Facts. It had been a while since I had heard from Jack Hunter, but he recently gave Horror Facts some fantastic information about his Paranoia Tapes to share.

Jack compiled the ‘Paranoia Tapes’ into a ‘Directors Cut’ edition. This release includes a total of nine horror films. It’s evident that JHP Studios is playing the production house game and making significant strides to break through the indie barrier that so many independent filmmakers face. You can read more about the director’s cut of our interview below, in which we discuss some of the magic at JHP.

The Interview

HF: Hey Jack, long time no see; how has everything been going at JHP?

JH: Everything has been amazing! We are moving along and it’s going to be an awesome new year for us!

HF: I heard you are releasing the ultimate version of the paranoia tapes on Blu-ray. Is this true? If so, why now?

JH: Yes, in fact, we are! The new versions of the franchise from Parts 4-9 are newly edited with additional footage from myself and newcomer actors Bryant McNeill and Cody Tudor, whose original character was introduced at the end of the first Paranoia Tapes. I recut some scenes for part 4 and added more of Henry’s character in Part 4. The producers and I read the Paranoia Tapes’ reviews, and we decided we needed to re-tool all the features. One of the main things that were pointed out was the original commentator for Part 4: Kennel House. It was insane to read what the watchers thought about him, so we put our heads together and realized the audience didn’t want some random guy talking. They wanted HENRY! So, I filmed several new tie-ins and edited them all together. It was a blast diving into the character one more time.

We also wanted to introduce the character Uncle Sol who was mentioned at the end of the first Paranoia Tapes. I went about casting the part honestly by taking a chance on someone who has never acted before, but he loved my work and was a fan of the found footage genre. John Ward(Filmmaker/Actor) was a mutual friend of ours, He interviewed me in his podcast, One Filmmaker/ One Film and I got a msg from Cody Tudor shortly after. We began talking and I remembered the idea of the character and what the producers and I have spoken of in our production meetings. I sent over a simple script and guess what, HE NAILED IT! I then wrote several tie-in scenes for the rest of the films, he nailed every one of the scenes and it flows flawlessly.

HF: Is there anything that makes these editions the must-have, are there new features on the disc?

JH: Most definitely! There aren’t any ‘special features’ on the Blu-rays, but what you get with these new editions is more continuity between the films. Initially, I had mentions of the other films within each movie, but now, with Cody Tudor portraying the character Uncle Sol, he brings every single film together so you can now watch each film and not skip a beat with continuity. Although we call out certain things like some of the reviews stated, it’s funny and endearing at the same time. It’s definitely a must-have for any fans of the Paranoia Tapes movies.

HF: That’s great, so let’s elaborate more on the why now. Why release Paranoia Tapes DC right now? Has there been a significant demand?

JH: There’s been a high demand for the first film. In October, was the only place to watch Paranoia Tapes 1-8. They had a special Halloween event running at the time.

After it ended, fans started messaging us and asking where can we see the first film and so on, so we had a limited run of the original Paranoia Tapes on Blu-ray. Now we are in full effect and running all these editions out right now!

HF: When will these films be available for purchase?

JH: They are available right now!

HF: Awesome, if a reader wanted to buy a copy, where can they be purchased?

JH: As you can see once you click the link, we partnered up with the company 7Below Fandom! They make artwork for films that have never been released on Blu-Ray and throw in the Blu-ray for free with each purchase. Their films are only $7. It’s a gray area of physical media, but it’s made by fans for fans and the fans is was counts with them!

Paranoia Tapes

HF: How much does each disc cost, or do they come in a bundle?

JH: Each Paranoia Tapes film is only $10 plus s&h, tho. I would suggest purchasing them all in one shot to save on shipping. I’m not promoting buying them all at once, but if ya want to save, then there’s your chance!

HF: What’s the average shipping costs and are the disc region free?

JH: All discs are region-free and can play on any region BluRay player, tho I’ve been told they do not play on the Xbox(s). And shipping all depends on your zip code/area. We don’t put the price on it. That’s all Kunaki.

HF: Will there be a digital version of the films?

JH: Currently, all original edited films are on Prime Video/Tubi/YouTube and most other movie streaming platforms.

HF: Excellent, many streaming options. Do you have plans to make another paranoia entry or is this the end of the franchise?

JH: Oh hells, yes, we do! I’m 2022, we plan on releasing Paranoia Tapes 10-15; PTX is currently in Pre-Production being made by none other than the enormously talented filmmaker Joe Lujan of Carcass Studios. Joe is a film brother of mine. He is going to blow every previous Paranoia Tapes out of the water with PTX. 11-15 will most likely be done by me along with the spin-off feature Paranoia Tapes: CONTRADICTION, which will be in the same universe as Paranoia Tapes but the story will be a little different.

HF: Joe Lujan is a great talent, and we have the honor of reviewing some of his films in the past. We also had given away some signed merch for ‘Billy.’

During our time reconnecting, you had mentioned that you wanted to send us a set of the films. That’s so nice of you. Can we get the films signed?

JH: Absolutely! Do I make it out to ‘The guy who made me pay for this interview to be printed or……?’ Just kidding! I will def send you signed copies of the films!

HF: Thanks, Jack I will cherish the movies forever. What’s next for Jack Hunter? Is there anything you are working on that you can share with us?

JH: We are in post-production for our 2021 film STATIC. Danny Field, who lives in Australia(original editor for Paranoia Tapes 1) is currently working at hand with getting the edit together. It should be out by Easter. Also, check out Dustin Hubbard at C Word Productions, they have a fantastic lineup coming for 2022. Dustin Hubbard is one of the executive producers of all JHP Studios Films.

HF: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Jack I look forward to seeing what you do in the future.


The Directors Cut of the Paranoia Tapes is now available for purchase, If you are a big fan of the Paranoia Tapes then this is he best version of the film to date and belongs in your collection. Not only are you going to get an epic film you are also going to support independent horror creators its only ten bucks and is worth every penny click here to purchase.