The Paranoia Tapes 06:06:06 Premiers live tonight

Join our Friend Jack Hunter tonight as he premiers his film The Paranoia Tapes on Facebook and YouTube free to watch for everyone.

Click below to open a new tab and watch
*** You can watch live on Facebook tonight ***
*** Also on YouTube, but Jack said Facebook plays better ***

Paranoia Tapes 06:06:06 (2020) Horror | 85min | April 12, 2020 (United States) 4.6
Director: Jack Saint HunterWriter: Jack Saint HunterStars: Aaron B. Peterson, Scott ClarkSummary: Henry is good, Henry is bad, but when it comes to footage that he finds, the end result is horrendous. Where does he find these tapes? Why does he keep making them? Why does he keep uploading them? Will the right authorities ever figure out what is going on? These questions will be asked because once you go LIVE, the followers will THRIVE. —SSP LLC

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