Forgotten Trash A Tribute to Low Budget 80s Horror

Forgotten Trash is a film dedicated to a time where horror was shot out of love for the genre, a throwback to the good old times if you will, adding that low quality VHS feeling to every shot.

A film graduate stumbles across an alien in the woods who convinces him to help with an intergalactic television show. In it the alien travels from planet to planet torturing and killing its inhabitants.

Synopsis of Forgotten Trash

Keeping the review completely spoiler free I’m going to only give you a quick idea about the film and then talk about how it captures a moment in time that has long passed.

In The Woods, Connor McDonald (played by Steve Kasan) stumbles upon a man in the woods. His film is taking shape, and he needs a new cameraman. Daniel is excited about the opportunity to earn some quick cash and become famous, but is shocked to discover that the man is not human, is actually an alien whose race feeds off of entertainment and that this entertainment involves killing and hunting humans.

The film appears to you visually as ‘Shot on Video’ or simply SOV. In the 1980s and 1990s, SOV films dominated the horror genre and video rental stores alike. The films were inexpensive to produce and filmed over a short period of time. That moment of time is captured precisely with Forgotten Trash.

Presented by Retro Video Pictures and recorded in Toronto, Canada, Espana’s latest release is masterful on all fronts. There’s nostalgia and love in this brisk, thoughtful, and nostalgic homage to the cheap VHS movies from the past. The grainy visuals appear in Espana’s film after he transferred it from a DV camcorder to VHS.

This film is highly recommended to those who appreciate DIY and video classics, the bottom line is if you are looking for something new that feels very old almost like a lost horror film then this one will be right up your alley.

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