The Horror of living in 2020

As almost the whole world has locked down due to the outbreak of the virus, we find our-self living in a new world, a world that nobody would have even thought could exist the mind state before this pandemic was that it could only happen in the movies or a novel.

The new normal consist of keeping a social distance from everyone you come in contact with and depending where you live the distance can be from 2ft to 2M maybe even more, there are lines on the sidewalks for you to stand on while entering markets as well as markings on the floors to help aid in social distancing, like something out of the Orwell 1984.

Washing your hands has become not just a hygiene booster but an art of survival at this point, we have seen major cites become ghost towns as everyone stays indoors and fears catching the infection much like we have seen in zombie survival movies over the years or in movies like Contagion which painted an almost perfect picture of the events we are experiencing.

People always ask us what horror movie they should watch next that may somehow connect them to the horrors going on in the world and we suggest the films and even post the ones we think you would enjoy with titles such as Dawn of the Dead, Carriers and 28 Days Later. However you don’t need to watch a movie see horror anymore, the horror is in many parts of the world and taking to the streets all you have to do is turn on international news networks and we suggest that you do turn them on, get informed and be safe for yourself, friends and family.

So living in 2020 is a very strange time to be alive and this will go down in history as one of earths darkest moments. We are living a horror movie right now at this very moment except we don’t have an end to the script so it just continues on everyday.

We want to thank all of the front line workers helping keep things going in this crucial time. Thank you so much for all that you do.