The Blu-ray of ELVIRA’S HAUNTED HILLS will be released by Scream Factory

Scream Factory will be releasing Elvira’s Haunted Hills in September, so collectors can add this film to their libraries!

Once again, Scream Factory is in the business of releasing horror movies. A new Collector’s Edition of Elvira’s Haunted Hills has just been announced!

We all love the lusty, beehive-haired lusty vamp Elvira, who was a major character in ’80s horror so we couldn’t be more delighted that she joined forces with Scream Factory for the blu-ray release!

While traveling through the Carpathian Mountains of Romania with her handmaiden Zou Zou on their way to Paris for a Can-Can review, Elvira and her handmaiden Zou Zou get into spooky high jinks at every turn.

A misunderstanding regarding their room payment sends Elvira and Zou Zou packing from the inn. As they are leaving the village, they meet an older man who takes them to a mysterious castle atop a hill overlooking the village. As Elvira struggles to escape the clutches of a mysterious woman whose long-dead spouse bears an uncanny resemblance to Elvira, she must use her enormous…wits.

Elvira’s Haunted Hills is an astute parody of 1960s Hammer films with its torch-lit castle walls, flashes of lightning, and creepy locals. Transylvania even served as the setting for Elvira’s Haunted Hills!

Cassandra Peterson plays Elvira in this film, and her collaboration with Richard O’Brien (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment) makes the video so terrifying you’ll die laughing!

A brand new HD film transfer and a limited edition rigid slipcase distinguish this Blu-ray set from previous releases. A limited number of posters autographed by the Mistress of the Dark have also been made available for purchase from Scream Factory for this release!

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Beginning July 21, pre-orders for Elvira’s Haunted Hills will be available. There is a street date of 9/28/21.

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