The Blu-ray of ELVIRA’S HAUNTED HILLS will be released by Scream Factory

Scream Factory will be releasing Elvira’s Haunted Hills in September, so collectors can add this film to their libraries! Once again, Scream Factory is in the business of releasing horror movies. A new Collector’s Edition of Elvira’s Haunted Hills has just been announced! We all love the lusty, beehive-haired lusty vamp Elvira, who was a … Read more

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Coming to Blu-ray ‘Alone in the Dark’ 1982 from Scream Factory

Alone in the Dark 1982

The Blu-ray release of Alone in the Dark is now official thanks to Scream Factory. This 1982 horror film starring Martin Landau, Donald Pleasence and Jack Palance will be released on September 14, 2021. Four escaped patients go after their doctor in a film that incorporates dark humor, tension, and slasher elements. The film was … Read more

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Jason Comes Home With Scream Factory’s FRIDAY THE 13TH Collection

Scream Factory has been one of the biggest champions for the horror consumers love of physical media for a looong time. They enlist incredible artists to create new and unique covers , restore the cuts to 4k (usually), and have a special feature section chock full of every single tidbit of information they can get. … Read more

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