MORBIUS Arrives On Demand May 17th

A little after a month of being released in the box office, Morbius is coming to digital platforms for purchase on May 17th, 2022. The film will be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K ULTRA HD discs. THURSDAY, 14TH JUNE 2022. Oscar® winner Jared Leto takes on the role of …

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MORBIUS Final Trailer is Awesome

The final trailer for Marvel’s massively delayed film has been released, as of right now the film is set to finally launch on April 1st, 2022 which is clearly subject to change as Mobius has suffered form multiple release setbacks due to the ongoing pandemic. You can watch the final …

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Another delay in ‘Morbius’

Another setback for Morbius. Seven delays have been reported. A July 2020 release date was originally planned. But then, COVID happened. COVID has once again caused Jared Leto’s turn as Morbius The Living Vampire to be delayed – this time for a full three months! Morbius has been rescheduled for …

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