The Ultimate Halloween Terror Continues: Stop Michael Myers in Halloween II: The Game

As a lifelong Halloween franchise fanatic, I’ve been counting the days until Halloween II: The Game, an amazing new retro board game that faithfully captures the chilling events of the 1981 slasher sequel. Fright-Rags and Stop the Killer have outdone themselves, transporting players back to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital for a desperate life-or-death struggle against the menacing Michael Myers. In Halloween II: The Game, You Try to Stop Michael Myers In Halloween II: The Game, you … Read The Full Article

Horror Christmas Comic X-Maschina Launching Kickstarter December 1st

A new horror comic is coming to Christmas town, check out the offical press release. Santa’s Workshop, North Pole – November 29th, 2021 – Ho Ho Homicide! X- Maschina, a new horror-comedy sci-fi Christmas comic from creators Steve Urena (Slow Pokes, Zombie Date Night), Misty Graves (Co-host on The Longbox of Darkness Podcast), and artist Lane Lloyd (Sable, God Puncher) is coming to Kickstarter! The project will be live from December 1st to February 1st, … Read The Full Article

Vampa’s Terrorizing Tales Conclude With An Occasion Of Sin

Vampa’s Terrorizing Tales the conclusion of a short film trilogy is upon us, with Independent filmmaker Mara Powell overseeing the project from her Director’s chair in the Great Lakes State of Michigan. “Occasion of Sin” is Mara’s third short film, and will conclude “Vampa’s Visions”, which showcases Powells’ alter-ego of Vampa Del’Ombra who is a late-night horror host (in the vein of an Elvira) telling the in’s and out’s of three tales of terror. This … Read The Full Article