‘The Rickety Man’ Short Film Review

As you’re aware, we at Horror Facts have been attending the HorrOrigins 2021 film festival and along with ‘OverKill’ which Justin most recently reviewed, we also had the opportunity to watch ‘The Rickety Man’ and this is another short that we felt was deserving of a review. ‘The Rickety Man’ follows the story of Edward, a widower who is left to care for his two children, James and Mathilda, after the death of his wife, … Read The Full Article

‘Overkill’ 2021 Short Film Review

Overkill 2021 Short Film

Horror Facts is currently attending the HorrOrigins 2021 film festival and its been an enjoyable experience thus far. I recently had the luxury of seeing the short film Overkill which I feel deserves a review as it was quite good and brought back that 80’s slasher feeling while being modern and created in 2021. ‘OverKill’ is a film with a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable … Read The Full Article

Horror Origins 2021 Virtual Film Festival Underway

Horror Origins

It’s that time of year again when Horror Origins film festival has just kicked off their online event to showcase great new horror films. Screenplays ​BIOLOGICAL by Luke Zwanziger Humboldt House by Christopher Schultz Innocence in a Guilty Mind by Paul Mortsolf Markley Manor by Paul Mortsolf Stranger Dreams by Alyssa Stevens The Wolf Spider by Gabe Braxton Vested by Jay Stamatis & Edmond Coisson Hag by Elizabeth Ditty ​Hinsdale by Kristy Leigh Lussier & … Read The Full Article