Moon Wobble

Real Scares, NASA on ‘Moon Wobble’

So you like horror movies, how about a real world event? NASA scientists predict a dramatic rise in coastal flooding caused by the “Moon Wobble”.

There is nothing unusual about the moon wobble; it’s just the moon’s orbit swinging. The first documented instance occurred in 1728. Over an 18.6-year period, this wobble morphs into a cyclical pattern.

However there have been some scary predictions about the upcoming Moon Wobble, In a new study conducted by NASA, scientists elucidate a new way to look at the moon which explains how the moon’s orbit around Earth and our planet’s wobble effect influence various aspects of our lives.

Due to the upcoming changes in the lunar cycle, the risk of flooding across all coastal regions worldwide will be exacerbated because of the amplified high tides and rising sea levels.

The study predicts that floods associated with high tides -also known as nuisance floods or sunny day floods – might occur in extended clusters lasting for months and possibly for longer periods of time!

There will be a surge in floods on almost all US mainland coastlines, Hawaii, and Guam because of the moon’s wobble, the agency says.

In addition to causing infrastructure damage, the floods are expected to affect communities. This extreme water level is likely to affect Canada’s infrastructure as well, according to Professor Kees Lokman of University of British Columbia.

Does this all sound surreal to you? maybe it feels like the film 2012 where the world was coming to an end.

Nobody knows for sure what will happen with the Moon Wobble but according to scientist the world is in for some dramatic changes.

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