Halloween Horror Nights Announce’s Two New Houses

It appears the night keeps getting scarier, as Universal Studios announced they will be including a Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed haunted house to their returning Halloween Horror Nights this year and, for the first time in Horror Nights history, a house will be dedicated to Universal legendary monster, The Bride of Frankenstein.

Halloween Horror Nights

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed maze will see guests returning to the scene of the original 1974 film as they venture through a recreation of the infamous Sawyer house.

The official description of the maze provided by Universal is as follows:

You’ve seen the 1974 horror classic. Now It’s your turn to experience it for yourself. Enter the dilapidated Sawyer house and meet Leatherface and his demented family of merciless butchers. Will you make it out in one piece? Or in pieces?

Step right inside the story experiencing every nightmarish moment for yourself.

Explore every familiar room of the Sawyer home, from the parlor to the blood-splattered kitchen.

You’ll face carving knives. Meat cleavers. Meat hooks. And of course, that roaring, slicing, flesh-ripping chainsaw.

The last time the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was given its own solo house was in 2016.

Below is a short teaser for the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre haunted house.

YouTube video

The next maze, dedicated to the reanimated Bride of Frankenstein, will see its guests enter through the remains of Frankenstein’s castle as the Bride attempts to bring her love back from the dead. However, she is not alone, as the Brides of Dracula are also lurking within the castle’s walls and could potentially be lurking around every corner. Their quarrel is not with you, but don’t get caught in the crossfire or you might become a nice snack for one of the brides.

Halloween Horror Nights

The official description of this maze is as follows:

This time, the Bride of Frankenstein is stepping out of the shadows and taking her fate into her own bloody hands. The mate will have her monster. And the monster his mate.

Enter the tower ruins where Frankenstein’s monster pulled the lever to bring down the walls and destroy him and his Bride.

Recoil in horror as she tries to bring him back at any cost, honing her diabolical genius one harvested body part at a time.

Don’t get caught between her and the Brides of Dracula, who she captures and drains in hopes of reanimating her love.

Below is a short teaser for the upcoming Bride of Frankenstein haunted house.

YouTube video

Both of these new horror mazes will be available at the Orlando and Hollywood theme park locations.

These two new attractions will be joining the other previously announced horror mazes of ‘Beetlejuice’ and Netflix’s ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ the latter of which was covered in detail by Horrorfacts’ own Justin.

You can check out his article below.

Halloween Horror Nights are set to kick off on September 03rd in Orlando and September 09th in Hollywood. The event will take place on select nights until the end of October.

A single-night ticket to the event starts at $70.99 plus tax per person.

For those interested, express passes are available for $69.99 plus tax per person.

If you want to take your horror to the next level, Halloween Horror Nights offers a R.I.P tour that takes guests on a guided V.I.P tour of the event and priority entry into each horror attraction. Tickets for this exclusive event are available for $199.99 plus tax per person. 

For more information on the event, available dates, and to book your tickets, visit Halloween Horror Nights’ official website at www.halloweenhorrornights.com