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‘Halloween Ends’ The Script is Written

In more Halloween news, it appears that the script for Halloween Ends has been finalized and is awaiting approval from John Carpenter.

Blumhouse’s reboot of the Halloween world was planned as a three-part saga. The second instalment of the film–trilogy, Halloween Kills, hits the Peacock streaming service and cinemas this Friday, but some fans are already anticipating how the events of the first two films will be resolved in the third instalment, Halloween Ends.

With Halloween Kills set to take over the horror world in just two days from now, fans are already very excited to learn as much as they can about the third film coming out from Blumhouse in the Halloween franchise.

Director and co-writer David Gordon Green verified the development of the authors in an interview with Bloody Disgusting. He told the news site that “Halloween Ends” was finished. “And actually, I’m getting John Carpenter’s notes on the new draught later. So, I’m excited about that.”

“Like any trilogy, you want it to have a beginning, middle, and end. We had a concept of the ending, and two years ago, we wrote the first draft of it. So, we had it all mapped out before we went into production on Kills. We knew where it was going, and we wanted Kills to be a symphony in the middle of the book of the Strode saga.”

Little is known about the third film but based on the title Halloween Ends we can assume that Michael Myers will meet his ‘ end ‘ once again, and more then likely be back again for future generations to enjoy in further film additions or remakes.

Carpenter will aim to provide his thoughts, and eventually his mark of approval, to a script by Green, Chris Bernier, Paul Brad Logan, and Danny McBride before Halloween Ends goes before the cameras.

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