‘Ghoulies’ Action Figures Unleashed by Syndicate Collectibles

Fans of the cult classic 1984 horror film Ghoulies were treated to some exciting news at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con – a new set of Ghoulies action figures is on the way from Syndicate Collectibles!

Based on the creepy, puppet-like demons that emerged from the toilets and wreaked comedic havoc in the original film, these figures will bring the mischievous Ghoulies to life in detailed 4-inch scale. Syndicate Collectibles displayed prototypes of four different figures at their SDCC booth, providing horror collectors their first look at the upcoming toys.

Each figure depicts one of the unique Ghoulies from the film, including the green reptilian leader, the furry horned beast, the bat-winged critter, and a scaly red creature. Sculpted with disturbing accuracy, the figures capture the weird and wicked charm of these toilet-dwelling monsters.

According to ToyArk, who photographed the prototypes on the convention floor, Syndicate Collectibles is the new venture of Jerry Macaluso, known for his previous toy companies SOTA Toys and Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Syndicate aims to produce collectibles for properties in need of toys, putting their skills toward classics like Ghoulies.

Ghoulies Toys

With the 4K re-release of the original Ghoulies arriving on September 12, 2023, these figures are perfectly timed to capitalize on renewed interest. Horror fans and toy collectors alike will be excited to finally add these eccentric and eccentric monsters to their shelves. Expect the toilet terror to continue when the Ghoulies action figures launch soon!