Vertical Entertainment Sinks Teeth Into Horror-Thriller All Fun and Games with Russo Brothers and Anton

The buzz for the new supernatural horror-thriller All Fun and Games continues to build after Vertical Entertainment recently acquired the coveted North American distribution rights. This exciting acquisition demonstrates Vertical’s commitment to distributing up-and-coming horror cinema while giving the Russo Brothers’ AGBO production company and financing partner Anton a chance to unleash their latest spine-chilling vision. 

All Fun and Games comes from first-time feature directors Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu, who co-wrote the screenplay along with JJ Braider (Vampire Academy). The film boasts an impressive young cast that includes Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things), Asa Butterfield (Sex Education), Benjamin Ainsworth (The Haunting of Bly Manor), Laurel Marsden (The Pope’s Exorcist), Kolton Stewart (Locke & Key), and Annabeth Gish (Midnight Mass).

According to the press release, All Fun and Games “explores the elements of cruelty inherent in children’s games – Flashlight Tag, Hangman, Hide & Seek – and what happens when the games go too far.” The story centers on a cursed knife found by a group of teens in the woods, which “unleashes a malevolent demon that will not rest until it’s claimed all of their lives and souls in a terrifying deathmatch.”

With the Russo Brothers’ AGBO producing and their frequent collaborators Anton financing, All Fun and Games has the pedigreed horror chops to potentially become a breakout indie hit later this year. AGBO producers for the film include Angela Russo-Otstot along with Jake Aust and Kassee Whiting. Anton’s production team includes John Zois, Holly Hubsher, and CEO Sebastien Raybaud.

This acquisition comes on the heels of AGBO’s critical and commercial smash Everything Everywhere All At Once earlier this year. The company also recently released Extraction 2 and The Gray Man on Netflix. Now they aim to terrify audiences by unleashing the sinister supernatural tale All Fun and Games in theaters and on VOD on September 1, 2023.

Horror fans should mark their calendars for what’s shaping up to be a frighteningly good time. With its creepy premise, fresh directing talent, and savvy producing-financing team, All Fun and Games has all the elements to potentially become the indie horror hit of the fall.