Fan Made Guide for ‘Friday the 13th’ NES Game 25 Years After its Release

Having rented this game title from my local video store when this game was newly released I was really surprised to find out that someone has made a guide for the game a full 25 years after the game was released as a tribute to the franchise and perhaps a shot at some form of E stardom.

YouTube video

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the game was labelled one of the worst of in history. That was 25 years ago, but that substantial timeframe hasn’t kept one particular fan from undertaking something that’s as crazy since it is impressive. I’m not sure what the divide is, maybe 70/30 favoring the particular former.

To help salvage at the very least a small part of the game’s reputation, TripleZeroFilms has gone and made a comprehensive guide for the game. Its 50 webpages long and, in accordance with its maker, took over 50 hours to make. Again, this is good for a game which is nearly three many years old.

If you’re intending on playing it, this guide features everything you’ll ever have to know about it, which include maps of it’s levels, comprehensive breakdowns of each weapon and foe, and so considerably more. get the guide here