An Interview With a Video Creep. HorrorFacts sits down and gets cozy with YouTuber Michael Pinero.

Recently HorrorFacts was able to get together with the creator of the Video Creep channel on YouTube, and someone I personally feel puts out truly funny, entertaining, AND insightful videos pertaining to horror movies and actors. Do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on this excellent content creator!

Video Creep Horror Review Channel

HF:     Hi thanks for sitting down with us at Horror Facts.

VC:     My guy! Thank you for LETTING me sit down, what you guys do here is VERY switched on. So I’m pumped to be here

HF:     How are you today?

VC:     Man, I am more than swell! I’ve been eating a lot of bacon and smoking a ton of cigarettes. So you know I’m in super good health 

HF:     Tell me a little bit about your channel.

VC:     Well friend I run and host the channel Video Creep, where I kind of do whatever the f*k I want. I review horror movies and make up D&D games where I have other Youtubers on, I get drunk with my followers every Saturday night and DJ live, and I’ll react to trailers and talk about related news. It’s real loose but tight. I like to think my stuff is pretty funny as well.

HF:     How did you get started?

VC:     On YouTube? I actually had a channel before Video Creep called “Meowcat Tv” and it didn’t do even a fraction as well as Video Creep has. I’m a stand-up comedian and thought it would be groovy if I and a bunch of other comedians got together and filmed skits. But it just ended up being me and a few friends who playfully indulged me. Eventually, after learning how to edit from doing that channel I decided to start VC 

HF:     How long have you been doing YouTube? 

VC:     The end of September 2020 will officially be Video Creeps one year birthday! So, I gotta get something for myself…. Something sexy

HF:     Why did you choose horror over let’s say general reviews of pop culture?

VC:     Funny enough I almost didn’t! Horror is a gigantic part of my life but so is investigating conspiracy theories and online anomalies. If I didn’t decide to talk about horror I would be talking about Wayfair and skinny mirrors at target 

HF:     How old are you?

VC:     I am 31, I’m a big boy now.

HF:     Where are you from?

VC:     I’m from New York originally, but I’ve actually been in California for the last 10 years. Came out for art school and stayed for the sun.

HF:     Are there any other You Tubers who inspired you?

VC:     Oh dude absolutely. I think if I had to just choose one over the myriad of creators, I really respect Jeremy Jahns. His style of reviewing is so genuine and funny. I definitely try and take a page out of his book by being as authentic as I can.

HF:     Do you use the YouTube platform for a living?

VC:     In under a year having it I was able to amass a grand total of five Patreon’s supporters, so no, not yet lol. But I’ve been getting a lot more support lately so who knows? That is the end game. I make a lot of my money doing stand-up comedy

HF:     What do you have to say about the current state of the world?

VC:     I think this is a time where eyes are definitely opening, I think it’s a really good thing. The perspective is shifting on multiple levels. Lady luck willing, the day we come out of this I think we’re going to see a big rebirth in the way that we operate with one another

HF:     What is your favorite horror movie, I know this is a hard one but if you had to choose just one?

VC:     This is an evil question, I know you’re aware of that because you acknowledged its difficulty. Where to choose one horror movie based off dialogue, story and pure entertainment. I think I would go with Texas chainsaw massacre, or The Shining, Those movies just have a repeat quality to them. As soon as you finish the movie they feel fresh again. It’s f**king wizardry.

HF:     How can our readers follow you got links for YouTube, Twitter and so on?

VC:     Yeah I really tried to stay on top of my stuff. A lot of the time just typing video creep will kind of get you there. Like on YouTube if you type in I will pop up. Once you’re there watch my videos, then hit subscribe, Then go to my description on any video, Find my wish list And send me free shit, Everything I do, I do for the free shit. In that same description is where you’ll find me on my social media…But yeah please send me shit

HF:     What would you say to others getting into YouTube?

VC:     Just to do it, this is literally what I tell everybody. Stop getting in your head about what you can’t do. Even if that’s true, doing it will teach you. Then eventually you’re gonna be making baller content and making friends. So shut up, turn your camera on, and figure it out!

HF:     So how active are your followers?

VC:     Like I mentioned I do a live every Saturday night, so I stay really close to my followers. I also have a Facebook group called “Coffin Grounds” and that helps to strengthen my Video Creep community as well. I also try and do my part and respond to every single comment on my videos. You’ve got to give your followers a reason to be active with you

HF:     Do you have an upload schedule?

VC:     No, this is where “Loose” comes from.  I’ll have a week where I put out one video, then the next one I’ll drop like three videos. Luckily no one has held me accountable to an upload schedule. The only thing that I commit to is my Video Creep Saturday night lives, and how can I not? It’s always a party!

HF:     How many videos a month?

VC:     Like I said it really depends on what I got going on, If I had to ballpark it I would say at the very least four videos a month. And that’s with me doing the absolute bare minimum and trying to put out something once a week

HF:     Do you like zombies or vampires more?

VC:     Little by little I’m starting to like zombies more, but I’ve always dug vampires over zombies. I think they just have more class. Zombies are like a really annoying drunk who keeps trying to bite you, but a vampire is like a functioning alcoholic that’s trying to bite you. Both really fucking suck when it comes to your own well-being, but as far as sophistication goes one is clearly the lesser of two evils.

HF:     Do you have anything you would like us to relay to our readers as we wrap up?

VC:     Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes.