Malvolia NEEDS your HELP!

From silver screen to the big screen, actress Jennifer Nangle has proven to us on how much she loves giving back to the horror community. Her beloved character, Malvolia The Queen Of Screams, is approaching her fourth season. With everything she has given to us, lets support her and help her create season 4! The season will consist of several horror shorts written and directed by Jennifer along with some other talented filmmakers from across the world. She has launched an online campaign to get help funding season 4. As most of you know, making movies and shorts are not cheap. With these one of a kind t-shirts, you will know exactly who you gave to and supported! A once in a lifetime deal! Support her as much as she supports all of you! Below is the information from her online campaign. CLICK HERE to order your shirt and support Jennifer as she brings us all brand new horror content that will satisfy our every horror need!

So much Blood and Gore await you… You asked and now you shall receive! Help this Indie Horror Hostess elevate her Season 4 Annual Halloween Special with this fundraiser! Many horrific plans are in store, but we need your help to make it happen!

For three seasons I have held a crowd fund to support my Halloween Special. Many supporters of the series have been asking for t-shirts to support and rep the show. Why not merge both together?! All proceeds will go to funding the Halloween Special and, possibly, gaining a horror genre “name” for the episode!

Four years ago I embarked on an adventure of writing a horror feature film and creating a “horror hostess” character. To make her “real” and trying to gain a “fan base” for the for the film, I decided to create a short term webseries. Instantly, Malvolia: the Queen of Screams was a hit and viewers wanted more and more. Working on a “no budget” budget, I’ve created some much entertaining material on favors and donations… Ready to raise to the next level, I’m in need of some funding.’

Please show some support for this amazing woman, Jennifer Nangle!