Halloween Kills

An accident happened during the filming of Halloween Kills

Kyle Richards has stated in a recent interview with ET Online, that the actress suffered a broken nose during the filming of Halloween Kills on the set, and you guessed it Michael Myers was involved in the accident.

She played Lindsay Wallace in the 1978 original Halloween movie and returns to reprise the role in the highly anticipated Halloween Kills, but filming did not go as planned according to an interview with ET.

While rehearsing a fight scene on the movie set for Halloween Kills against Michael Myers, Richards actually broke her nose.

I was working with a stunt coordinator to do a fight scene with Michael Myers and umm, yeah, let’s just say while I was rehearsing something flew back and hit me in the face and I knew immediately that something was wrong.

Kyle Richards with ET
Kyle Richards
Kyle Richards

Despite careful rehearsals and careful attention to detail, there is still room for error in fight scenes. Kyle Richards found out that something was wrong when she suffered a blow to the face during her fight against The Shape in Halloween Kills.

She then continued by explaining how she ultimately managed to cope with her injury during filming for Halloween Kills. While she is still known for her role on the hit Housewives, it is clear that she is very eager to join the horror franchise and reprise Lindsey Wallace’s role. As such, she concealed the incident and discovered that she had broken her nose after returning home.

You can check out the full interview with ET here

We wish Kyle a swift recovery and can’t wait to see the film next week!

October 15th is the release date of Halloween Kills in theaters and Streaming on Peacock.

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