ALTER and DUST Bring Chills to PROOF Film Festival

Horror and sci-fi film fans have an exciting event to look forward to this October at the PROOF Film Festival in Los Angeles. On October 20th, Gunpowder & Sky’s acclaimed horror brand ALTER and sci-fi label DUST will be teaming up with PROOF to host a night of never-before-seen short films.

PROOF is a short film festival in Los Angeles dedicated to showcasing the best in proof-of-concepts. Providing a highly competitive and unique festival experience, as well as opening the door for fruitful future filmmaking opportunities, PROOF is a one-stop shop for the newest emerging talent.

The showcase will occur at 10 p.m. at the historic Culver Theater in Culver City. Four chilling and thought-provoking short films from ALTER and DUST will be screened. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect to see:


Death Snot, (Charlie Schwan) 9 minutes: Severe allergies drive a man to the brink of insanity as he desperately attempts to rid his body of mucus.

Future Boys (Julian Clark) 10 minutes: In a future housing project, a permanent tenant of virtual reality receives a rogue transmission.

Yummy Mummy (Gabriela Staniszewska) 14 minutes: Ignored throughout her pregnancy, Lilith senses her identity is being smothered by her burgeoning motherhood. Her anxieties begin to have physical manifestations – and she starts to fall apart – literally.

Violet Butterfield: Makeup Artist for the Dead (Brooke H. Cellars) 13 minutes: Violet Butterfield, a mortician beautician, uncovers the beauty in death her clients could have owned in life.

ALTER and DUST are known for showcasing some of the most talented and visionary creators in the horror and sci-fi spaces. ALTER is an ever-expanding platform for the most daring storytellers in horror, while DUST presents thought-provoking sci-fi stories exploring the future of humanity. This exclusive showcase at PROOF will give fans a special early look at their latest chilling short films before they are released online.

Don’t miss out on this spine-tingling and mind-bending event – get your tickets to the PROOF Film Festival today!

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