Hammer Horror Brings New Chills with Eddie Izzard’s ‘Doctor Jekyll’

The legendary Hammer Films studio is injecting fresh blood into one of horror’s most iconic tales. To mark their 90th anniversary year, Hammer is unleashing a reimagined take on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, simply titled Doctor Jekyll. And in a daring bit of casting, they’ve tapped Eddie Izzard to bring the duality of the titular doctor/monster to life.

In the film, which will arrive on digital in the UK on March 11th, Izzard takes on the role of Dr. Jekyll, the brilliant scientist whose experimental indulgences unleash his evil alternate persona, Mr. Hyde. It promises to be a “role like you’ve never seen before” for the actor/comedian, who is best known for her surreal stand-up and gender-defying fashion.

Directed by Joe Stephenson (Chicken, McKellen: Playing the Part), Doctor Jekyll also stars Scott Chambers, Simon Callow, Lindsay Duncan, Jonathan Hyde, Morgan Watkins, and Robyn Cara. The film was shot at an isolated mansion, leaning into the gothic trappings of the original novella – think creepy corridors, dusty cellars, and an air of dread around every corner.

For Stephenson, the goal was to honor Hammer’s boundary-pushing horror legacy while giving the famous story a refreshing update for modern audiences. As he puts it, “With Doctor Jekyll, I wanted to make a film that honors what has been before and doesn’t get made anymore, and still gives something fresh and unique to a 100-year-old, often told, story.”

That tradition of innovative horror is something Hammer takes great pride in upholding as they celebrate nine decades of cinematic scares. The studio’s COO Jonathan Lack states, “This release is not just a new chapter in our storied history but a celebration of Hammer’s enduring legacy in horror cinema…As we honor our past, we are also paving the way for a future filled with innovative and spine-tingling storytelling.”

So for horror fans eager for a new take on a classic tale, delivered with stylish production values and a boldly unconventional lead performance, Doctor Jekyll may be just the sinister tonic you need. The film’s release in March kicks off a landmark anniversary year for the iconic Hammer brand. If this is just the first of their celebrations, here’s hoping the shocks and frights are just as bold as casting the inimitable Eddie Izzard to embody man’s strangest case of dueling identities.

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