Crackle Unleashes a Terrifying Celebration of ‘Scary Strong Women’

This March, get ready to experience horror from a powerful feminine perspective as Crackle, the leading free streaming service, unleashes a bone-chilling collection of films that showcase the resilience, strength, and unwavering spirit of women in the face of unimaginable terror. Titled “Scary Strong Women,” this curated lineup promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats while celebrating the badass heroines who refuse to be victims.

From classic slasher flicks to mind-bending supernatural thrillers, Crackle’s “Scary Strong Women” has something to chill every horror fan to the core. Kicking off the month is the iconic 1980 cult classic “Prom Night,” starring the legendary “Scream Queen” Jamie Lee Curtis as she fights for survival against a deranged killer. Contemporary horror fans can revel in the bone-chilling “Monstrous,” where Christina Ricci must protect her son from a terrifying entity lurking in their new home.

For those seeking intense creature features, “Black Water Abyss” will have you holding your breath as a group of friends encounters deadly crocodiles in the depths of an Australian cave system. And if mind-bending psychological horror is your poison, “Starfish” and “Doppleganger” (starring Drew Barrymore) will leave you questioning reality itself.

But the frights don’t stop there. “Scary Strong Women” also includes the supernatural thrillers “Hold Your Breath” and “They Wait in the Dark,” the revenge-fueled “Pernicious,” and the wilderness horror of “The Hike” and “Solo.” Rounding out the lineup are the post-apocalyptic “A Feral World,” the mind-twisting “Triangle,” and the haunting family drama “Blood Honey.”

What ties these diverse tales together is the unwavering strength and resilience of the female protagonists at their core. From battling deranged killers and otherworldly entities to facing the harsh realities of a world gone mad, these women refuse to be defined by their circumstances, instead rising to the challenge with courage, intelligence, and an unbreakable will to survive.

“At Crackle, we believe in celebrating the power of women in all genres, and horror is no exception,” said a spokesperson for the streaming platform. “With ‘Scary Strong Women,’ we’ve curated a collection of films that not only deliver bone-chilling thrills but also showcase the incredible depth and complexity of female characters in the horror realm.”

To experience the terror and triumph of “Scary Strong Women,” simply download the free Crackle app on your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or connected TV. All of these spine-tingling titles will be available for streaming starting March 1, 2024, giving horror fans ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the fear – and the fearlessness – of these unforgettable heroines.

So, gather your courage, steel your nerves, and prepare to be both terrified and inspired by the “Scary Strong Women” of Crackle’s March lineup. Just remember, no matter how dark the nightmare, these ladies are more than ready to fight their way back to the light.

Here is a full list of the films and their release dates on Crackle.

• Prom Night (Available 3/1/24)
• Monstrous (Available 3/1/24)
• Black Water Abyss (Available 3/1/24)
• Starfish (Available 3/1/24)
• Hold Your Breath (Available 3/1/24)
• They Wait in the Dark (Available 3/1/24)
• Pernicious (Available 3/1/24)
• The Hike (Available 3/1/24)
• A Feral World (Available 3/1/24)
• Doppleganger (Available 3/1/24)
• Solo (Available 3/1/24)
• Triangle (Available 3/1/24)
• Blood Honey (Available 3/1/24)

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