THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY Will Screen At The Berlin Film Festival And The European Film Market

The eerie thriller THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY will be released by Jinga Films during this week’s Berlin Film Festival and European Film Market.

THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY, directed by Francesco Cinquemani (Eye For An Eye), stars Mark Huberman (Vikings Valhalla) as a television director who becomes engaged in a supernatural plot while filming a television pilot about a haunted hotel in Cyprus. Julian Sands (Warlock), Marianna Rosset (SOS), Elva Trill (Jurassic World: Dominion), and Anthony Skordi (Onassis) all star in the picture, which is being billed as Cyprus’ first in-house horror film.

THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY, directed by Loris Curci (Nightworld), Marianna Rosset, and Vitaly Rosset of Altadium Group, uses Cypriot tradition and mythology to describe the occult happenings that occur at the hotel.

“A haunted hotel, an occult plot, a set-piece murder a la Dario Argento, and a creature in the basement.” “What more could a horror enthusiast want for?” remarked Julian Richards, CEO of Jinga.

THE GHOSTS OF MONDAY was supported by the Cyprus Tax Scheme, which provides a 40% rebate on local spending to producers. Despite the fact that the film was shot during the lockdown, it made extensive use of the St Raphael Resort hotel in Limassol, which had been forced to close owing to the epidemic.