Celebrate Friday the 13th this October with Jason Lives – The Superior Sequel

Happy Friday the 13th, fiends! In honor of this eminent dark day, your slasher scholar Sharon prescribes viewing a franchise installment perfect for the date. Yes ghouls, sink your machete into Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, where the hockey-masked madman returned with charismatic panache!

Last time we revisited Wes Craven’s chilling original nightmare on Elm Street. But today let’s honor that other 80s slasher titan, mass murderer Jason Voorhees. While hardly Oscar material, Friday’s sixth installment marked a turning point for the tenacious franchise. Jason Lives embraced comedy and surrealist gore with wink-wink impishness.

After a creatively disastrous Part 5, Jason Lives revitalized the blood-soaked campgrounds through self-aware style and outlandish kill gags. It introduced undead zombie Jason under director Tom McLoughlin’s vibrant influence. McLoughlin understood the postmodern potential in Jason’s B-movie roots. Find out why we think this film is the ultimate slasher film.

Among the standouts was a flying liquid nitrogen face-freeze fatality, droll graveyard caretaker Martin’s deadpan quips, and an uproarious nod to James Bond. While later Fridays descended into parody, Jason Lives threaded the needle between violent carnage and campy character touches.

McLoughlin’s infusion of irreverent style recharged the stale formula back to the peak of Parts 1-4. Jason once again felt like a charismatic, larger-than-life force of nature compared to the human fodder counselors. It reminded us the immortal camp killer deserved his icon status alongside contemporaries like Freddy Krueger.

So on this most ominous of calendar dates, revel in the sixth installment where Jason Lives and Friday the 13th itself returned from the grave with colorful menace to spare. It remains the gold standard for mixing laughs and slaughter. Friday may be doomed as always, but Jason Lives forever!

Where to Watch ‘Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives’

The classic 80s slasher film ‘Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives’ is currently available on several streaming platforms and VOD services:

– Max Amazon Channel
– Max
– Paramount Plus Apple TV Channel

You can also rent or buy the movie digitally on:

Transactional VOD:
– Microsoft Store – Purchase $9.99
– AMC on Demand – Rent $3.99
– Apple TV – Purchase $9.99 / Rent $3.99
– Amazon Video – Purchase $9.99 / Rent $3.99
– Google Play Movies – Purchase $9.99 / Rent $3.99
– YouTube – Purchase $9.99 / Rent $3.99
– Vudu – Purchase $9.99 / Rent $3.99
– Redbox – Rent $3.99
– DIRECTV – Purchase $9.99 / Rent $3.99

Cable VOD:
– Spectrum On Demand – Rent $3.99

So whether you want to stream ‘Friday the 13th Part VI’ as part of a subscription, rent it on-demand, or buy a digital copy to keep, you have plenty of options. Just be prepared for the return of horror icon Jason Voorhees and his reign of terror at Camp Crystal Lake! 

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