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‘The Summoned’ Trailer

What The Summoned appears to be is an invitation to engage in a bizarre form of psychoanalysis. A strange collection of people is gathered for a brand-new kind of therapy,…


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Follow The Haunting in ‘The House in Between 2’

In 2020, ‘The House in Between’, a documentary by paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves and filmmaker Kendall Whelpton, introduced the world to Alice Jackson and her alleged haunted home in Florence,…

The FRANK HORROR Podcast Wants You To Listen!

We were recently sent a press kit for the FRANK HORROR podcast, and it looks great. SINNER’S MOON – When three young women(longtime friends and roommates) learn that a famousArt-Metal…

Watcher 2022 Film Review and Trailer

A young lady and her fiancé move into a new apartment, but she is plagued by the fear of being watched by an unknown observer in the opposite building. Perhaps…

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