Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Prophetic Horror “Deliver Us” Descends on DVD/VOD This Holiday Season to Fulfill Apocalyptic Prophecy

aith and fire shall meet this holiday season with the DVD/VOD release of religious thriller "Deliver Us," arriving December 19th via Magnolia Home Entertainment's...


Necrophonic how does the Spirit Box App Really Work?

Necrophonic is a spirit box application for both Android and iOS devices that allows the user to use a sound bank and ITC to...

Talking to the Dead: An Introduction to EVP

As an avid paranormal investigator, one of my favorite methods for making contact with spirits is through EVP, or electronic voice phenomena. Capturing the...


Real World Horror

Halloween Horror Nights Presents “The Haunting of Hill House”!

This Halloween season, Halloween Horror Nights will be returning to Universal Studios following its cancellation last year. Halloween Horror Nights 30 will run on...

The Horror Stories Behind ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Season 2 of Shudder’s Cursed Films is set to air on April 07, 2022, with the first season focusing on the horror stories behind...

The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb

True Crime

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

On October 17, 1941, Seventy-three-year-old retired railroad auditor Phillip Peters was found beaten to death in his Denver home. His murder would lead to...


Rose Hall: The Haunted Plantation with a Dark History

In Montego Bay, Jamaica, there is a well-known plantation by the name of Rose Hall. It is said to be haunted by the ghost...

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Spiked Eggnog and Spilled Blood: It’s a Wonderful Knife Delivers

The new horror-comedy mashup film It's A Wonderful Knife puts a darkly comedic spin on the beloved holiday classic It’s A Wonderful Life. Directed...

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Occult a Mesmerizing Grip on Horror Did you know?

Let's explore the Occult in Horror Movies Enter the realm of the occult and the supernatural as it relates to the Occult in Horror Movies....

John Carpenter’s Halloween and its Enduring Influence on the Slasher Genre

Few horror films have carved a legacy as enduring and influential as John Carpenter's seminal 1978 slasher Halloween. With its minimalist suspense, moody aesthetic,...

Should Horror Be Viewed by Children?

It's a topic that comes up a lot…or did…as I was raising my now 18-year old daughter… As a child born in 1969…raised in...

Beyond the Hockey Mask: Jason Voorhees

Beyond the Hockey Mask The Story of Jason Voorhees and his enduring legacy Jason Voorhees is one of the most well-known and long-lasting characters in...

Why We Can’t Stop Watching Zombies

The Undead have our attention, I want to talk about that. Zombies have infiltrated popular culture and taken over the entertainment industry. From hit TV...
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The new horror-comedy mashup film It's A Wonderful Knife puts a darkly comedic spin on the beloved holiday classic It’s A Wonderful Life. Directed...

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