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THE INNOCENTS Arrives May 13th

We were just informed about an upcoming psychological horror movie known as “The Innocents”, we had a look at the trailer and it looks promising, keep your eyes open for…

Podcast: Happy Death Day on AHHP

The AHH Crew is back with another movie review, and this time it’s Happy Death Day! Last week, Andrew chose The Stepfather, which Kat greatly loved. It’s safe to tell…

Pat Priest Signs on To ‘The Munsters’

Pat Priest, who portrayed Marilyn on the original The Munsters television series for the majority of its run, has just been cast in Rob Zombie’s forthcoming feature picture adaptation. Take…

Sam Raimi Endorses ‘EVIL DEAD RISE’

“A BLOODY GOOD TIME” Sam Raimi, the director who first brought The Evil Dead series to life in 1981, is currently serving as executive producer of the upcoming Evil Dead…


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