Sunday, December 3, 2023

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A Bloody Blumhouse Christmas – Let’s Take a Night Swim

By Sharon Graves, Horror Blogger Extraordinaire My little ghouls and goblins, it's your favorite horror fanatic Sharon here with some spine-tingling updates from the one...


Proving Demons a Youtuber trapped in haunted house.

Andrew the creator, host and main camera man for the Proving Demons channel on YouTube is trapped in a haunted house during the quarantine...

YouTube the home of true paranormal ghost hunting.

YouTube is a great video streaming platform that is used by millions of people everyday to watch videos ranging from cats doing funny things...

The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb



The Origin of Annabelle

We have already looked at the haunting of the Perron family that inspired the original ‘Conjuring’ film and the story of Arne Cheyenne Johnson...

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Santa Claus Reimagined: Rare Exports Film Review

As the festive season approaches, the twinkling lights and holiday cheer often bring to mind heartwarming tales and family-friendly films. However, here at,...

Blood in the Snow

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 5 Coverage

As the icy winds whispered their final haunting tales, the curtain fell on the last day of the Blood in the Snow 2023 Horror...

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 4 Coverage

As the eerie chill of winter whispers through the streets, the Blood in the Snow Film Festival continues to ignite the fiery passion of...

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 3 Coverage

The bitter cold of Toronto on November 22 was no match for the heat generated by the festival's scorching line-up as the Blood in...

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 2 Coverage

The second day of the Blood in the Snow 2023 Film Festival brought another slate of provocative and spine-tingling cinema to eager crowds in...

Blood in the Snow 2023 Day 1 Coverage

The Blood in the Snow Film Festival kicked off its chilling 2023 edition on November 20th, treating horror fans in Toronto to a thrilling...
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Holiday Horror

In his new horror-comedy "Black Friday," Casey Tebo aims to explore the frightening side of consumerism but ultimately delivers a forgettable flick. Tebo reunites...

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