World of Warcraft: Classic a guide to helping you find a group faster and easier than scrolling through chat forever.

First you may be thinking why is there an article about World of Warcraft on Horror Facts? This is NOT a horror game… or is it? We will get into that very soon.

Many gamers have returned over the past year to relive the glory which once was the original or vanilla world of warcraft a legend in its own right with millions returning just to play the classic edition of the game, this includes all the original features even the less popular ones like having to /join LookingForGroup and watch a constant wall of text flow on your screen just to find a party.

Well that is no more because in this article we are going to explain how you can join the LFG channel and not be bothered to read 5 million lines of text in search for a party to complete those much loved dungeons with the help of an LFG addon you can now set key words to give you notice when a group is available without all the stress of monitoring the chat, so you can continue to quest while you wait for someone to send those LFM(Looking for Member) chat messages.

Now before I explain how you can use this addon to help you achieve your dungeon experiences much easier with random pugs, let me revisit this article being on a horror website to summarize why WoW Classic has suddenly shown up on Horror Facts.

It is popular opinion that WoW(World of Warcraft) is all fuzzy bunnies and love?. Well that’s where you are wrong. World of Warcraft may not be released as a horror genre video game but the elements of horror are quite involved in this game for example I play a Undead Warlock yes a re animated dead body that uses black magic to inflict curses and plagues on my enemies in order to defeat them all the while summoning from the darkness my demon pet to do my bidding, and if that isn’t enough when I finish an enemy off I generally capture their soul into a ‘ Soul Shard ‘ so I can use their once living life force to summon fourth more demonic power. It does not end there, towns are overrun by zombies, demons have taken over temples and undead hordes ravage the plague lands.

Horror Facts WoW Classic Warlock Player from the Horror Facts Team

So yes World of Warcraft Classic Edition has a place in Horror Gaming maybe you don’t agree but it’s just the facts, the horror facts. So let’s move on and start this guide to help our fellow gamers out in the horror community.

How-to find a group easily in WoW Classic in a few simple steps.

Let’s get started you want to covert your wall of text as seen in this image into a nice simple alert when the dungeon you are looking for has a recruiter.

Step 1. Grab the LFG addon and install it to your addons folder. you can find the addon on Curse Forge Here

Step 2. Make sure the addon is enabled, and type /join LookingForGroup

Step 3. Set your LookingForGroup chat to not be displayed in your main chat window, make a new tab for it is best.

Step 5. Locate this icon on your mini map and click it. or open your interface addons panel from pressing the ESC button.

Step 6. You have now opened the addon, now in the boxes fill out what you are looking for such as SM SFK BFD you can put them all in one box, also add your message that you would like to send to the person looking for members when you press the message button.

Step 7. Wait for someone to shout out your dungeons, they will display like the image below.

Step 8. This is the final step, if the message is what you are looking for press Whisper and it will send them the message you had setup prior!

Some additional commands and info regarding the addon.


Help: /lfg help
Config: /lfg config
Toggle Enabled/Disabled: /lfg
Example Configuration

LFG Enabled: Yes
Listen to Channel:
1. No
2. No
3. No
4. Yes (WoW default LFG channel)

Match Criteria: +/-
1. lfm
2. dps
3. uld 

That’s all folks, now you can enjoy finding groups much cleaner than before this method really does work good and I’ve been using it for a long time now its ideal for PUGS(Pick up Groups) and even for raids at least on my server there are end game pugs 24×7.

I hope this guide helps at least one of you and remember… FOR THE HORDE!