Werewolves Unearthed Brings More Dogman Tales this October

Documentary filmmaker Ward Hiney has teamed up with skeptical journalist Chad Christy and production company Small Town Monsters, to explore reports of dogman sightings in the Ohio Valley in the new film Werewolves Unearthed, set for release on October 1.

Stories of werewolves have drifted from European folklore into modern American pop culture, percolating in the subconscious of the populace for centuries. These tales often tell of terrifying, half-man/half-canid beings that roam the forests and fields after dark. Most think of them as little more than campfire stories meant to scare children, but for some, there is much more to this than mere mythology.

Now, Werewolves Unearthed looks to lift the veil on the enigmatic “dogman” of North America.

Werewolves Unearthed follows Hiney and Christy as they investigate a recent rash of werewolf sightings in western Pennsylvania, hoping to unravel the mysterious events unfolding in the Shenango Valley. As they spoke with witnesses and experts, they discovered that a pattern began to emerge that might help establish what is behind the ongoing sightings of werewolves in America’s Heartland.

Werewolves Unearthed is the first of a planned series from Small Town Monsters and director Ward Hiney. This first chapter acts as a companion piece to last year’s American Werewolves and the recently released The Dogman Triangle.

Werewolves Unearthed is directed by Ward Hiney (Dark Holler) and produced by Seth Breedlove (On the Trail of Bigfoot, The Mothman of Point Pleasant) along with Small Town Media’s Courteney Swihart and Jason Utes.

Werewolves Unearthed will be available on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube on October 1.

A special 4K ad-free version will additionally be available for Small Town Monsters YouTube channel subscribers. This provides fans with an enhanced viewing experience of Hiney and Christy’s eerie investigation into the existence of “dogmen”.

Following a TVOD release, Werewolves Unearthed will be available on Tubi.

As werewolf sightings continue to emerge from the Ohio Valley region, the team at Small Town Monsters is taking a unique approach to uncovering the truth. By enlisting a skeptical journalist to aid in their latest investigation, they are questioning the nature of these mythical beasts and the eyewitness accounts surrounding them. Whether these creatures stalk the shadows or merely dwell in the imagination, the upcoming film looks to dig deeper into the unknown than ever before.

When the full moon rises, do real monsters emerge? Or is something else lurking in the darkness? The hunt for answers continues in Small Town Monsters’ latest exploration of the strange and supernatural.

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