The Tattooist A Stunning Horror Short

When we think of horror shorts we usually think of a small film made with hopes that it will be picked up by a larger production studio to bring a full featured movie, however with The Tattooist that is not the case in a very short micro film we are given a very satisfying experience in mere minutes that feels complete and shocking.

Behind the acclaimed work of a renowned tattoo studio lurks an unimaginable evil.

The The Tattooist reminds me of the old fashioned torture horror that we have observed in the Hostel series that many have come to love and hate, The Tattooist is very extreme and gets right to the point, Michael Wong the director/creator of the short is a mastermind coming out of Malaysia and currently residing in Beijing, China.

In ‘The Tattooist,’ we see a tattoo artist creating a beautiful tattoo on the back of a woman. Within seconds, Wong drastically changes the atmosphere of the quiet tattoo parlor into what appears to be a dark basement, where the tattooist brutally tortures its clients in a macabre way. As well as the gore, the scenes in the film are visually striking, contrasting the sinister look of the basement and the violence we witness with brilliant colored lights that are reminiscent of Italian films.

I loved this short film and really would like to see more from Michael Wong.

You can watch the entire short film for free below, its well worth the watch but be warned its not for the feint of heart.

Horror Facts


Michael Wong provoked and encouraged the actors to shout profanities throughout the filming to convey the victims’ heightened emotions.

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