Hang On Tight for a Whirlwind of Monsters in Monsternado

Movie lovers get ready for a twister of terror when Monsternado touches down this November, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment. If you thought a tornado filled with sharks was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet! This tornado is no normal swirling storm – it’s filled to the brim with the most frightening creatures imaginable. Forming in the legendary Bermuda Triangle, this monster-filled tornado sets its sights on land, bringing with it a horde of deadly beasts. … Read The Full Article

Lurking No More, Nessie Brings the Terror in The Loch Ness Horror

Beware the open waters, for a legendary beast has been unleashed! Following its acquisition by Uncork’d Entertainment, the Loch Ness Monster is ready to star in the new horror thriller The Loch Ness Horror, set to be released on digital and DVD on November 07, 2023. This amphibious cryptid has apparently had enough of its home in a certain Scottish lake. Loch Ness was just too small to contain the giant prehistoric creature. Now Nessie … Read The Full Article