Hang On Tight for a Whirlwind of Monsters in Monsternado

Movie lovers get ready for a twister of terror when Monsternado touches down this November, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.

If you thought a tornado filled with sharks was bad, you haven’t seen anything yet! This tornado is no normal swirling storm – it’s filled to the brim with the most frightening creatures imaginable. Forming in the legendary Bermuda Triangle, this monster-filled tornado sets its sights on land, bringing with it a horde of deadly beasts.

Inside the raging Monsternado, prehistoric monsters like Megalodon, Pterodactyls, Giant Octopuses, Crocodiles, and much more whirl about. When these ancient and aquatic creatures finally make landfall, an entire unsuspecting city finds itself directly in the path of this monster mayhem. Residents will have to fight for their lives as these deadly beasts ravage everything in their wake.

“Another fantastic film from Tyler James, whose THE LOCH NESS MONSTER also releases in November, MONSTERNADO is fun, frightening, and brimming with some very cool special effects sequences”, said Keith Leopard, President Uncork’d Entertainment.

Check out the trailer for Monsternado below:

YouTube video

With its wild concept and horde of monsters, Monsternado is sure to entertain and terrify when it hits digital platforms and DVD on November 14th.

Creature feature fans better batten down the hatches and add Monsternado to their fall watch list. This monster-infused tornado thriller looks to be a perfect storm of campy chaos, mixing heart-pounding twister scenes with monsters galore for a hilariously horrifying good time. Don’t get blown away by anything less.

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